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From WordPress to Tumblr

School is over for this semester! That means I’m back to blogging semi-full time, right? Not quite. I’ve been stuck in a rut where I have no motivation to write. I first got WordPress a couple of years ago because the old writer in me had the desire to write, write, and write… about anything and everything. These days I just don’t have the same passion or time to put in the effort.

I still want to share my random thoughts with everyone, so I figured the best way to do this is through Tumblr. I’ve thought about this for a few months already. WP was amazing when I used to write entries upon end. Now, it’s too much for me. Tumblr, I find, is better for microblogging.

However, I’m not leaving WP quite yet. I still have to find a way to export all my old WP content to Tumblr. Hollar at me if you have any solutions.

later days,