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Brick by Brick–Arctic Monkeys

The Arctic Monkeys uploaded a new song to their YouTube channel today. The teaser will be featured on their upcoming fourth studio album.

Check it out!

Brick by Brick – Arctic Monkeys

What do  you think? Like? Dislike? Comment below.

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13. Geek in the Pink

30 Day Blog Challenge
Your favourite musician and why?

[Source: Photo]

I remember it like it was yesterday – I had a spare hour during my drama class in 11th grade and I had nothing better to do, so with one of my buddies I roamed through the hallways of my high school. One of my other friends saw us walking in boredom and she called me into her yearbook classroom so that I can listen to this new artist that she discovered and thought I might like too.

The song was You and I Both by Jason Mraz. It only took me about a minute or so to fall in love with his unencumbered numbered words. That was eight years ago. I’m 24 now and I haven’t looked back since.



I made a mental note of his name and proceeded to watch some of his music videos and small gigs on YouTube (because back in 2003 not everyone had mp3 players or iPods; I think most of us were still rocking the portable CD player).

I kind of became obsessed with his first record, Waiting for My Rocket to Come, followed by his sophomore record Mr. A-Z. Apart from his boyish good looks and awesome choice in hats, he was refreshingly different than any other singer-songwriter or band of that time. His versatile voice won me over. It could go from sunny pop, to quick-witted rap, to operatic falsetto; the kid could do anything.

Unfortunately for me, Mraz mostly played in smaller 19+ venues in Vancouver and I was still underage. And the fact that I didn’t hear any new Mraz songs between 2005 and 2008 didn’t help either. I had no choice but to listen to crapass music and as a result I had altogether forgotten about the awesomeness that is Jason Mraz.



By the Spring/Summer of 2008, Mraz had fully resurfaced into my life and in everyone else’s by the end of 2008 with that little song I’m Yours. Yes, THE song that just about everyone has heard of a zillion times today. I had forgotten how good Jason, the Curbside Prophet, made me feel. After listening through his third album We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things. just once through, I immediately fell in love with the man all over again.

With styles borrowed from pop, rock, folk, jazz, opera, hip hop, bossa nova …I could go on and on … It would be impossible to label Mraz into a single genre. He would need his own genre entirely. Uniquely, not only does his style vary from song to song, but it also varies within the song too sometimes.

Aside from his talented voice, he’s got some pretty sexy dance moves, he can freestyle, and best of all he knows how to interact with a crowd. I had the pleasure of attending two of his concerts; one in November 2008 and the latest in September last year. Even though he played to tens of thousands at a larger arena last year, he somehow was able to effortlessly make it feel like an intimate gathering. That’s a skill many artists and bands lack these days.



As of right now, I have almost every song Mraz has released including collaborations and covers. That’s close to 170. Although I love every song of his (really, there is not one song I dislike), I prefer to listen to his older stuff versus his newer releases. His years at Java Joes were the best. He was young, his voice was raw, and those were time times that you can tell his talents were about to be uncovered. UncleCrispy has uploaded a lot of Jason’s early years to his YouTube channel.

If you were to ask me which is my favourite album or song of his, I would not be able to tell you. I can’t choose a favourite as it changes everyday, sometimes even part way through a day. Depending on my mood, there’s a Mraz song to fit it. His music has helped me through some really tough times and oftentimes have made my day even more enjoyable and sunshine-y. I don’t know what it is, but there’s just something special about him that I can’t describe into words even though I tried to the past few paragraphs above. All I can say is if you haven’t heard of any of Mraz’s songs or you didn’t think I’m Yours was that great after all (which by the way, isn’t my most favourite song – though at one point it was my favourite; see how I change so often?), you should give him another chance. You might unfold something you might like.

But for now, I leave you with this…


Gypsy MC (Mudhouse) – Jason Mraz



Be Love,



[Prettiest Friend — Jason Mraz]

Sam Bradley documentary: “The Manila Diaries”

An update on Sam Bradley‘s documentary “The Manila Diaries”:

Hello again!

“The Manila Diaries” was filmed in the Philippines shortly after Typhoon Ondoy ravaged the country. We were witness to the devastating aftermath as well as met many who were personally affected by this tragedy. At times, we felt hopeless but promised we would do anything we could to help. The short-documentary will be on sale at www.sambradley.com as a download. It will cost $10 and half of the proceeds will be going to UNICEF- Typhoon Onody initiative.

I am also sharing a song on youtube called Manila that I had written while i was on my trip there. Pass that around too if you would like.

Stay tuned for more updates on Sam’s documentary and don’t forget to spread the word!

Sources: @samueltwitt1 & Sam Bradley’s MySpace

“We Are the World” remake to premiere on Vancouver 2010

Earlier this week, rock stars and artists united to rerecord the “We Are the World” charity song. The remake will benefit Haiti earthquake relief efforts.

The original was recorded 25 years ago in efforts to fund hunger relief in Africa.

The new anthem features 80+ artists including Wyclef Jean, Barbra Streisand, the Jonas Brothers, Jason Mraz, Josh Groban, T-Pain, Celine Dion, Robin Thicke, Carlos Santana, and Miley Cyrus.

Word has it that “We Are the World – 25 for Haiti” will be televised during the Vancouver 2010 Olympics opening ceremonies on NBC.


Watch the original “We Are the World” anthem:

(photo source: AP)

Marcus Foster hits 1 million!


Congratulations to Marcus Foster on reaching one million plays on his MySpace. What a great achievement!



CONCERT REVIEW: Jason Mraz gets Lucky in Vancouver

***Before I begin, let me start by apologizing to anyone who heard my dreaded tone-deaf singing throughout the entire concert. But I can’t help not singing along & making a fool out of myself… it’s the magic of Mraz. That is all. ***

Wednesday night, Jason Mraz’s Gratitude Café Tour made a stop at GM Place in Vancouver. I’ve been counting down the days until he would return. His last concert here was on November 8th, 2008 (yes, of course I remembered the date! Who do you think I am?).

Of course, being the hardcore fan that I am, I got my tickets months in advance — even leaving my morning lecture early to find a computer in time for his fan club pre-sale. (The reason for my almost-obsessive hardcore fan nature is a long, but heartfelt story. Let’s just say it’s not all about his sex-appeal, his songs get me through a lot. No time to explain now. But if you ever meet me someday, ask me.)

I was shocked to learn that Mraz was going to perform at GM Place – home of the NHL’s Vancouver Canucks and venue for large concerts and performances. Last year, Mraz performed at the Centre for Performing Arts – a much more appropriately smaller venue. That’s not to say Mraz isn’t a huge enough rock star to be playing in a large arena (because he is), but intimate performances is what most people love about him. I don’t know, maybe I’m biased in that my last four of five concerts prior to the Mraz show was at a small venue/club. Personally, I believe having the intimate vibe gives you the option of connecting with your fans on a more personal level. Even if there were 500 bodies in the room, it still feels like you’re interacting with them one-on-one. It usually works.

(Later, I learned that Mraz was one of the performers/speakers at Free the Children’s We Day (check out that link if you haven’t already done so) the day before the concert. So I guess there wasn’t really much Mraz could do since it would be difficult to re-assemble his stage.)

Willingly, I convinced my friends TayloredMyPants and ApuTheFish to join me. It didn’t take much convincing though. I dragged TayloredMyPants to his last show here in November even though she has never heard of him until the day of. Ever since then she’s become a bonafide Mraz fan. ApuTheFish has been listening to his music for years, but never realized it was Mraz who she was listening to until she had an epiphany one day.

After nearly eleven months of waiting for him to return and a summer filled with other concerts and gigs to occupy my mind, I was more than ready for the day to arrive.

For weeks, I strategized with my friends our plan of execution for Wednesday night – arrival time and outfit of choice (though, they didn’t really care about the latter). I had to be prepared!

While perusing through various Jason Mraz message boards, I learned that several Mraz fans were going to arrive at GM Place hours in advance of the 7:00pm show-time. Some even said they were going to arrive at 4pm. How will Mraz’s sweat accidentally land on my face if I wasn’t going to be the first one there? I, too, had to come early.

I settled on what I was wearing too: A pink Paul Frank t-shirt with an Einstein monkey on the chest – aka my Geek in the Pink shirt. I had to do it, just in case he sees my shirt while performing the song and invites me on stage. Hey man, I’ve seen shirts do wonders before!

September 30th finally rolled around the corner. I began the day with a huge smile on my face. So what if I had to wake-up at 5:30am for school and endure hours upon hours of lectures? “Today is Jason Mraz Day,” I proclaimed to the heavens.

Since my learning of the early-bird concertgoers, I somehow persuaded ApuTheFish to skip our last lecture. After classes, we went our separate ways to home first, then reunite again at GM Place at 3:30pm. Yes, I said 3:30.

After having a quickie lunch at home, I made it to GM Place at around 3:20 at Gate 7 (the entrance where general admission/floor guests were supposed to line-up). When I first got to Gate 7, there was absolutely not a single soul present. Surprise, surprise. I walked a few feet towards the entrance and I observed that a girl was already here before me. To pass her time, she was reading a magazine on the ledge of a set of stairs. I was getting bored; luckily, minutes later, ApuTheFish arrived and came to my rescue.

The girl then realized we were Mraz-early-birds, too. She joined us, then a couple of other girls 15 minutes later came by too. The five of us were all alone – still, more than two-hours away until doors would open.

The four of us sat in a line along all six doors at Gate 7 and made a truce not to let any other suckers get past us. If we wanted to be in front of the standing pit in full view of Mraz, we would have to block the doors from others.

In the couple of hours still left of waiting, the five of us discussed everything Mraz-ness. We even joked that it would be cool if Jason came out of his trailer or rehearsal to perform for the five of us. After all, if we were dedicated to standing outside in the freezing cold, I think we deserve a song or two… or even a brief ‘hello’ would have been nice. He’s been known to do that once in a while.

At around 5:15, more people were starting to arrive and take over our makeshift human blockade. Finally, TayloredMyPants arrived too. Excellent… another body for our blockade. She then got up to strech her legs and so did I at around a quarter-to-six. Upon seeing us, everyone got up too. They probably thought it was time to enter GM Place. Um no, kids, we’re just stretching our legs. Who knew we had so much influence on random strangers?

It was already 6pm and we have not been allowed in yet. What’s wrong with the security? How will I ever stand front and center in front of Mraz now?

The security finally realized it was past 6pm and signalled to let us in. After getting my wristband, I ran down the stairs into the open arena. No time to stop by the merch table — I need to be front. As I gazed down the arena floor, there must have been hundred people standing by the stage already. I knew it! I knew that that security dude flubbed his job. We were late.

I ran as fast as I could and made my way to the back of the pack. I somehow squeezed past the last few standing rows and made it to the third row to the right of the mic (or on the left side from Mraz’s perspective). I couldn’t really see the stage very well since everyone in front of me was taller than I was (actually, generally, everyone is pretty much taller than I am). My only line of sight was a one inch crack between the heads of two people. Two people with very big heads that kept swaying back-and-forth. sigh.

The thing that bothers me about these large arenas is that anyone can get tickets at anytime. Usually, from my experience at the smaller venues, the real and true fans get the tickets first leaving barely any tickets left for the fan that just knows the artist for one of their hit songs. In Mraz’s case, that song that everyone knows is I’m Yours made popular in summer 2008. I, on the other hand, learned about I’m Yours about three years prior, even before it was even titled I’m Yours. And I’m pretty sure three-quarters of the audience at GM Place was there solely for I’m Yours. I’m thrilled that Mraz has gained hundreds of thousands of new fans, but if you’re going to someone’s show, at least know something about the artist or a few more of their other songs. The reason why I am rambling on about this topic is because someone didn’t even know who Bushwalla was, thought Mraz was from Hawai’i (and at that point, I gave them the WTF-face) – ok, just because he did a video in a tropical setting does not mean he’s from Hawai’i. ugh. And there were several people, especially in the front rows blocking my way that didn’t know a single word to any song other than to I’m Yours. In all of these scenarios, I throw my head down in shame – you know who you are. Anyway, I digress…

Around 7pm, the MC of the night Bushwalla (Jason Mraz’s bff) took the stage. Trying to get the crowd hyped up, Bushwalla interacted with us, told some stories, jumped into the crowd to chat with a girl in the audience, and performed some songs, including I’m a Ghetto Blaster. We also sang him Happy Birthday as it was his birthday – he turned 23… again (for the 11th time?).


Finally, Bushwalla introduced us to K’naan. Not your typical hip-hop or reggae artist, K’naan captures your attention with his beautiful songs and prose.

He got the audience involved with his story-telling and we even joined him in a capella. His awe-inspiring Somalia performance even got a lot of us in tears – ApuTheFish included.


After a few more hits including Bang Bang (made popular with Maroon 5) and Waving Flag, Jason Mraz finally graced the stage.

At this point, I could barely breathe. Not because I was being suffocated by very tall people or because the girl next to me was smoking weed (which, incidentally, because of her, I now learned I am allergic to the bud). No, but because this time, I was only 20-feet away from the man. If I really wanted to, I could have jumped over the barricade, hopped onto the stage, and hung onto his leg for dear life. I thought to myself: “Must have self-control…… breathe, dude, breathe.”

Mraz was barefoot, wore tattered blue jeans, a white long-sleeved henley-like top, and a maroon/brownish headband with tufts of his dreads peeking out. My friend said he was wearing the exact same thing as the day before. I don’t care. He could be sporting a garbage bag and still make it look sexy.


Toca Rivera with a golden gnome in hand was on our side of the stage. He sported a pair of shades as per usual.

Mraz’s intro song was a Traveler/Make It Mine medley. He performed it superbly end to end. I was worried that Mraz wasn’t going to be as entertaining as usual because he was under-the-weather for awhile. You can hear his hoarse voice the day before during the We Day performance. He proved us wrong though. For those not knowing of his condition before, they probably couldn’t tell anything was wrong. What a trooper.

He performed a total of 17 songs: 11 on the main stage, 3 on the small sound stage, and 3 back on the main stage for the encore. His song set-list is below.

  • Traveler/Make It Mine medley
  • Anything You Want
  • Coyotes
  • You & I Both
  • The Remedy (I Won’t Worry) – Reggeady version
  • Details in the Fabric
  • Only Human
  • Dynamo of Volition
  • Beautiful Mess
  • I’m Yours/Three Little Birds medley
  • Fall Through the Glass (w/ Bushwalla)
  • Never Too Late (The Only Life You Can Save)
  • Lucky (w/ manager Alysse Fischer)
  • Dear Anna (w/ Toca Rivera)
  • Copchase
  • All Night Long (cover)
  • Butterfly

Mraz got everyone dancing and singing. The entire arena was full (not including the upper bowl/300-level, as those seats were not for sale), all 10,000+ of us were having a blast. A whole lot of us screamed for his attention and in my case, screaming out my love for him. (Every time he would raise his arms up, his shirt would lift up and you could see his happy-trail. *ahem* But that’s enough fangirl-isms from me for now.)


During Coyotes, Mraz beautifully sang an opera interlude. Here, he showcased his powerful range of voice.

I noticed another moment that got me choked up. I am not sure if anyone else noticed it either, but during The Remedy, Mraz showed a vulnerable side to him. Pay attention the last few seconds of the video to The Remedy below. It’s a very poignant moment in which I will never forget.


Of course, during I’m Yours, everyone was singing along and dancing like mad. After all, it IS his record-breaking little hippie song.

After performing Fall Through the Glass with Bushwalla, Mraz took a bow and left the stage. Looking at my watch I thought it was too early for the show to end.


Minutes later I hear roaring screams. Then Mraz’s voice came over the speakers, “What’s everyone screaming about? It’s like the Vancouver Canucks just scored a goal or something?”

I squealed, “Oh my god, he said ‘Vancouver Canucks’!” That just made me love him even more now.

Everyone then realized where his voice was coming from. Mraz was at the mini-soundstage at the opposite end of the arena. Nearly everyone on the floor ran towards the soundstage. ApuTheFish and I stood our ground by the main stage. Thankfully, those around us left for the soundstage leaving me to be finally up close by the barricade.

I wasn’t the only one to be concerned how he was able to make such a large arena feel intimate. Mraz thought of it too. He probably played three of the most personal songs on the soundstage, including a soulful duet with Toca, Dear Anna.

Upon Mraz’s return to the main stage for his encore performance, his three-piece brass band (The Grooveline Horns) performed Copchase. These guys are extraordinary.


His last performance of the night was the ever-so-sexy-I-wanna-tear-off-your-pants song, Butterfly. There was a single moment during the song when he looked at me and winked. And in that small finite moment (which seemed like an eternity to me), it was already decided that he was going to be my future babies’ daddy. For real.


Mraz took a final bow on stage with the rest of his band mates. It was official, the night has finally come to an end.

As the crowds dispersed, some of us yelled at the crew dismantling the set-up. I fought with a grown man and another girl for Jason’s song set-list. The man, I think, was a friend of one of the stage crews as they knew each other by name. So, of course, he got the set-list. Bum.

It was a bittersweet ending for me. Sweet in that I finally got to see him again after 11 months of waiting; bitter because I didn’t want it to end.

All-in-all, I thought the concert was pretty epic. My heart was pounding throughout the whole night. However, compared to the concert back in November, I thought that was a better one than Wednesday’s. I’m not sure why, but I remember there being more interaction with the audience in November. Perhaps it was because it was at a smaller venue, and Mraz had the luxury of wasting time and not sticking to a tight schedule. But that’s just me.

I am now counting the days until Jason returns to Vancouver. This time, I must be front and center. Countdown starts now… Oh, Jason – where are you???



(filming credit to ApuTheFish, TayloredMyPants, & canucklehead07)

**Apologies for the giant heads in the way. These girls in front of us were being really annoying.**

Fatima – K’naan (live @ GM Place)

(filmed by TayloredMyPants)

Waving Flag – K’naan (live @ GM Place)

(sorry for the poor sound quality in this video)

Traveler/Make It Mine medley – Jason Mraz (live @ GM Place)

Coyotes – Jason Mraz (live @ GM Place)

You & I Both – Jason Mraz (live @ GM Place)

The Remedy (I Won’t Worry) – Jason Mraz (live @ GM Place)

Details in the Fabric – Jason Mraz (live @ GM Place)

Only Human – Jason Mraz (live @ GM Place)

Dynamo of Volition – Jason Mraz (live @ GM Place)

Beautiful Mess – Jason Mraz (live @ GM Place)

I’m Yours – Jason Mraz (live @ GM Place)

(version filmed by ApuTheFish)

I’m Yours/Three Little Birds medley – Jason Mraz (live @ GM Place)

(version filmed by canucklehead07)

CONCERT REVIEW: Sam Bradley & the Men

It has been over four months since TayloredMyPants and I experienced our first taste of Sam Bradley. OK, not literally — well, for one of us not literally… maybe. 😉

Anyway, if you didn’t already know, Sam Bradley and Twilight’s Robert Pattinson are pretty much bff’s. It’s the reason how we discovered Sam’s music in the first place. We listened to the songs listed on his MySpace page and instantly fell in love. Without a doubt we had to see him live. Luckily, in May, he was going to play at the old Richard’s on Richards venue. It was probably one of the best live shows that I have ever seen at a small, intimate gathering (and by small I mean at a club and not at an arena). You could tell that he was nervous though and still kind of new at playing for masses of people (that night around 500 attendees). Just a couple of months previously, he remembers, only 15 folks came to see him play. You can watch him get overwhelmed in this video I taped of that night back in May HERE. It’s too cute.

Properly, word got out of his incredible musical talents. He was touring the world, dropped a self-titled EP this August, and his popularity grew.

Meanwhile, Vancouver was craving more Sam Bradley. We wanted him back.

And he answered.

Sam Bradley came back home to Vancouver and played an early show with the Men at Venue.

This time, TayloredMyPants and I brought a whole flock with us. Most everyone we knew whom we shared Sam’s music with quickly fell in love too and couldn’t wait to see a live show of his either.

But first, I wanted to do some research on the opening act to decide what I was in for. After asking around I was led his MySpace page. The guy opening was Mani Khaira and I have never heard of him before. I gave his tunes a listen and was instantly hooked. You might want to check out his MySpace page too — you will like.

Soon, Friday rolled around the corner and it was the night to bask in Sam Bradley’s glory. ApuTheFish (formally “Apu”) and I rushed home after our last lecture, got ready, and ventured towards downtown early. Doors are supposed to open at 7pm and the show was to start at 7:45. But after our experience at the 100 Monkeys show a couple of weeks ago, we did not want to experience being one of the last people in line again. People are crazy. So, we got to Venue at around 5:40pm. I guess you can label us the “crazy” ones this time, eh? There were already two groups of people in line ahead of us. The first group were some members from Sam’s fan club, The Land of Dreamers. I remembered them from the May gig. I could recognize them anywhere! Minutes after us, TayloredMyPants and her friends arrived in line with us. Before we knew it the line had stretched half a block. It was only 6:10. This night was going to be good.

We parked ourselves smack in the middle at the foot of the stage and at 7:45 on the dot, as promised (that’s a first), the show began. It was Mani! I was excited to see him knowing that only a handful of us there actually knew some of his songs. And I was right. Throughout his entire performance everyone around me was chatting it up with their friends not even paying full attention. Only then did I realize that TayloredMyPants and I were the only two people in our area singing along. I didn’t even understand why! Someone in the media (can’t remember who or where – but I give props to you) was quoted as saying Mani is “a modern day Mozart.” And I couldn’t agree more. The songs he performed displayed the fusion between his powerful voice, uplifting beats, and elaborate piano skills. It’s just a shame not too many paid that much attention. He’ll be big someday — you’ll see.

(click photos to enlarge in new window)

After Mani’s set was over, sometime during the intermission, I noticed that the personal space between mine and my neighbour’s was getting more closer. This only means that Sam was about to take stage.

Sam’s bandmates took stage first, everyone started screaming, then Sam followed. I looked over at TayloredMyPants, and she looked at me. Our “giddy” faces were on. Next thing I knew, from out of no where (but probably from way at the back of the pack), a blonde way-too-drunk-to-be-in-public chick budged her way in between me and TayloredMyPants. You are in my perfect spot, missy! She started dancing like crazy. Actually, let me rephrase that… she was shaking her tittays. Repeatedly, about every 10 seconds, she would turn around, face the crowd behind her and scream out “WHY ISN’T ANYONE DANCING!?” Not that people shouldn’t be crazy-dancing at a club, but Sam was performing a slow song. Yeah. (You can watch her fix her hair repeatedly in the song It Begins in the video below.)

(click photo to enlarge in new window)

When Sam Bradley & the Men performed their first song of the night, A Song Could, the crazy-drunk-chick kept dancing like crazy, turned to me and started talking with me. She said, “I’ve never heard of this song in my entire life… anywhere! Not in this world!” OK. Clearly you’re from another world. I responded, “Me neither,” just to make her feel she’s not alone. Crazy-drunk-chick continues, “I’ve never heard of him either. WHO IS HE? WHO’S SAM BRADLEY ANYWAY?!” I gave her the WTF face.

The girls to the right of me started giving me the WTF faces too. Oh no, they probably think I’m associated with her just because she talked to me. I look at them and laugh at how I’m embarrassed to be standing next to this random chick. One of the girls asked me if I was friends with her. Without hesitation I said, “NOOOO! I have no idea who the hell she is. I don’t know her.” With nods of approval all around, another girl pointed to crazy-drunk-chick and says to me, “What the f—k!” I know man, I know. Later, these girls kept screaming “Get a life!” to crazy-drunk-chick.

Throughout the first 10 minutes of Sam’s performance, crazy-drunk-chick was ruining what was supposed to be a magical night. Her insane and inappropriate dancing made her knock down and spill other people’s beer bottles and cocktail glasses — mostly on me. I started smelling like a giant cocktail. Her response: “Not my fault! They’re not even mine!” Thanks crazy-drunk-chick. Thanks. I had enough. Along the way, I traded places with people and ended up next to my real friends again. If I’m going to have a magical night with Sam Bradley, it was going to be without crazy-drunk-chick.

(click photo to enlarge in new window)

Sam introduced us to his bandmates — The Men. First guitarist, Dave Meszaros, who according to Sam has “a big penis“. Drummer, Mark Kerrey is “newly single and also has a big penis.” Finally, Sam introduces to us bassist Jeff Riedlinger who “is so good looking that he doesn’t need a big penis.” HAHA. Judge for yourselves ladies.

Sam Bradley & the Men played a 16 song set list varying from slow rock to upbeat funk. The song list is below:

  • A Song Could
  • Watching Over You
  • It Begins
  • Wide Open
  • Whiskey
  • Scared
  • That’s How Strong My Love Is
  • Sea Blue
  • Passport
  • Go Back
  • Sugar Mama
  • Too Far Gone
  • Is Love Enough
  • Derek
  • Our Love
  • Even Thought of Leaving

All of my favourite songs were played including Scared, Whiskey, Passport, and Sea Blue. Naturally, Sam performed Too Far Gone, the song that he and buddy RPattz co-wrote together. Of course, most everyone sang along. It was pretty breathtaking.

Before the show, TayloredMyPants, ApuTheFish, and I planned to scream to the top of our lungs when Sam sang the lyric “And I’ve conquered the land of dreams” during Derek. We did it. And we were so successful that Sam looked and smiled at us upon our screaming. Yeah, we had a moment. (See that moment in the Derek video below from 1:09-1:11.)

(click photo to enlarge in new window)

Introducing Our Love, Sam informed us that there was something that he wanted to do ever since he was 18-years-old. He wanted to be one of those rockstars where he’d get to reach out and touch hands with his fans in the crowd. I thought that was too adorable. Immediately, everyone raised their arms up towards the stage. He laughed, “Not yet!” Finally, he serenaded us and people reached their arms out including me and TayloredMyPants, but he never got to us. It was the saddest thing ever! We tried again when he went to the other side of his mic stand. He touched TayloredMyPants’ hand and then mine. I swear, I’m not trying to be a fan-girl, but it totally felt like an eternity. It’s no wonder this was a dream of his since he was 18.

After his last song, he said the night was over and then winked. Of course not. Minutes later, Sam Bradley & the Men returned for their encore. They covered Sam & Dave’s Hold On I’m Coming. Here, Sam showcased his dance moves. It was the most epic thing I’ve ever witnessed in my life (view for yourselves in the video below). He danced along to Hold On I’m Coming in May and I was sorry that I didn’t capture footage of it. I’m glad I did it this time because if you watch carefully at 2:22, he screams “Hold On” into my camera. (This is another reason why I like shows at intimate venues). His last encore song was another one of my favourites, Soho Whores, a fast-paced tongue-twister of a song.

(click photo to enlarge in new window)

The show ended and my friends and I were on a Sam Bradley high. When the crowds left, TayloredMyPants reached her hand out by the mic stand and stole Sam’s song list that was on the stage. Yes, you heard me. It was probably the greatest idea of the night. We then found a lounge area in the corner to rest our heads and feet. We had to replenish our energy if we were going to stand in the Sam Bradley meet-and-greet line-up. @RobbedMyHeart and I saw each other again and we chilled until it was time to meet with Sam.

We noticed that the line wasn’t getting shorter, so we lined up before it was too late. In the line I finally got to meet @MaliciousMandy1. Finally, after many failed attempts! It was so good meeting new and familiar faces that night.

It was then our turn to meet Sam. TayloredMyPants was up first and she told him that she stole his song list. He laughed, autographed it, and said, “I’m glad somebody did!”

When it was my turn I asked for a hug and we posed for pictures. We chatted for a little bit. I told him how I came to see him in May and thought that I’d come back again. He asked me how I thought he was doing. If he improved, better, worse, or what. Not gonna lie, of course he was a lot better. He’s now a seasoned pro compared to his last gig here.

ApuTheFish went up after me and she told him that she came all the way from Malaysia. He believed her and suddenly gave her a huge bear hug. Half truth, half lie. Yes, she did come all the way from Malaysia, but she’s been living in vancity for years. Nice one. Nonetheless, I am still jealous.

We hung out for awhile near Sam and the bar before leaving when Mani Khaira recognized ApuTheFish. Because of Facebook, he thought she was me, and I was her. TayloredMyPants, ApuTheFish, and I chatted with him and took a photo.

By the end, my voice was already gone. It was a pretty epic night for sure when you could only communicate by whispering.


(filming credit to canucklehead07, ApuTheFish, & TayloredMyPants)


Ocean – Mani Khaira

It Begins – Sam Bradley & the Men

Whiskey – Sam Bradley & the Men

Sea Blue – Sam Bradley & the Men

Derek – Sam Bradley & the Men

Too Far Gone (Never Think) – Sam Bradley & the Men

Our Love – Sam Bradley & the Men

Even Thought of Leaving – Sam Bradley & the Men

Encore: Hold On I’m Coming (cover) and Soho Whores – Sam Bradley & the Men

Clip of the Week – 9/20/09

A hottie who can sing?! What more could you want?

Ethan Boroian sings Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody” on the X-Factor UK

CONCERT REVIEW: Goin’ ape with 100 Monkeys!


Saturday night, I, along with Apu, TayloredMyPants and hundreds of fans rocked out next to a dumpster in an alley on the corner of Main St. and E. Hastings.


Though not the safest or cleanest area to chill out on a Saturday night, many ventured to the Rickshaw Theatre in Vancouver’s infamous downtown east side to catch Twilight saga’s Jackson Rathbone’s band, The 100 Monkeys, play a show.

The concert was to start at 8:00pm while doors were to open at 7:00. We were hoping to arrive there by 6:15pm knowing that the TwiHards were going to come super early to perhaps catch a glimpse of Rathbone (“Jasper Hale”). The three of us; however, were running late and knew we were probably going to be at the back of a long line.

Apu arrived at the theatre half-an-hour before us and txt’d me that the line had already stretched near a block long.

When TayloredMyPants and I finally caught up to Apu, I observed an eclectic variation of people in line — from the regular folk, the indie/rock crowd, older people, young’uns (including families with their children — I even saw a BABY!), and of course the TwiHards.

I also saw RobbedMyHeart & co. and a few familiar faces again!

As the line finally started moving, albeit way later than scheduled, the three of us planned to book it to the front row of seats or as close as we could get.

I walked through the theatre doors and there were already at least 80 people that crowded around the stage — there was open standing room floor space between the stage and the theatre seats which could fit a few hundred standing… This, we did not know.

And of course, as usual, everyone in front of me was taller than I was. Damn genes. To add to my problem, the theatre had no air conditioning or ventilation, so the room got hot very quickly. It felt like we were in a sauna.

We waited in our own sweat for the opening act, Vancouver’s own Thee Manipulators, to begin. However, someone else came on stage instead.

He was from a new band called The Orphans who are coming to play in Vancouver sometime next month. He was here to just “give us a little taste”.

Yeah, so he may have sported a bouffant from the Shakespearean era, but don’t let his looks fool you. He was pretty darn good — probably one of the best indie opening acts I’ve ever seen. Though he came solo, he used a pedal to perform the back beats, played his guitar ferociously, and made sure to keep his audience entertained with conversation.

If the full band is anything like this one guy, or better, I’ll be sure to check them out.

Next, Thee Manipulators came on stage with matching black cowboy shirts and red neckerchiefs. Yes, I said neckerchiefs. LOL.

They got off to a rough start having technical difficulties with their equipment. More waiting around.

A couple of the band members tried to entertain us by making conversation. Finally, a guy came up on stage – whether he was from the Rickshaw Theatre or a roadie, I’m not sure. But he spit out some beats and rapped for us until their equipment problems were resolved. Not too shabby.

Thee Manipulators weren’t my cup ‘o tea. I couldn’t hear any of the lyrics that were sung. But other than that, I just wasn’t a big fan. One of the band members; however, kept me into them only for the fact that he looks and acts like a hybrid of crazy Robert Downey, jr. and hot throb Uncle Jesse from Full House. Sorry if you disagree with me, but this was the only thing that got me going. And if you agree with me… *high five*! During one of their songs they threw into the crowd mini tambourines and maracas so that we can get involved. TayloredMyPants caught an orange maraca. Jealous. lol.

When their set ended, the theatre got even hotter and I can feel wet stickiness all over my body. The space around you and the people near you soon closed in even closer as nearly everyone was trying to jam themselves onto the floor. Next up was Rathbone and the boys.

Oh, and before I forget, I’d like to apologize to *anyone* whom I’ve rubbed my disgusting sweaty body up against during the show. Trust me when I say I tried avoiding you.

The 100 Monkeys came on stage to tune their instruments; meanwhile, my eardrums almost exploded due to the screaming fan girls all around me.

Before the 100 Monkeys officially began, I noticed a lot of camera flashes towards the side of the stage on the floor level, but speakers were blocking my way, so I couldn’t see. Next thing I knew, walking across the stage was Rathbone’s co-Twilight cast members, Nikki Reed (“Rosalie Hale”) and Elizabeth Reaser (“Esme Cullen”), along with Nikki’s current bf Paris Latsis (Paris Hilton’s ex). They climbed up an above-staged VIP seating area. Minutes later, TayloredMyPants told me to look up at the VIP area again — STEPHANIE MEYER (Twilight saga author) was also present. I KNOWWW!!! (Poor lighting and a not-so-awesome camera makes for really bad and grainy photos. Oh well, I tried.)

Throughout the whole 100 Monkeys performance, you could barely hear the boys sing (especially down on floor level) as all you could hear were girls screaming — usually for Rathbone. I also noticed that cameras were almost always being pointed towards Rathbone or the VIP area. I think it’s safe to say that the majority of the concert-goers actually came to see their fave Twilight stars.

They belted out song after song, even doing their famous ‘invent-a-song’ song. They asked suggestions for a topic from the crowd. The first person screamed out “ACORN!” That got rejected pretty quickly and everyone chuckled at the idea; one of the monkeys saying that suggestion sucked. After a dozen or so more crappy suggestions, they stuck with the original suggestion — Acorn. How uncreative are we?

The boys are very talented. Most bands stick to their one and only instrument. The 100 Monkeys; however, rotated almost after every song exchanging instruments with each other. And for the record, Rathbone played rhythm guitar, bass guitar, the keyboards, and drums.

One of my favourite moments of the performance was when Jackson Rathbone did a silly dance along with one of the songs. Too cute. See the video below.

It was a quarter-past-midnight and the show didn’t end yet, even though it was scheduled to finish at 11:00pm. The three of us decided to leave before the buses we needed quit running. I don’t think we wanted to be stuck in that neighbourhood in the middle of the night.

Despite the heat and moisture, the show was most excellent. I finally got to see Jackson Rathbone much closer — he was only 5 metres away from me!!

Good times.

Be sure to see the 100 Monkeys live in Vancouver again this Sunday evening at the Backstage Lounge at Granville Island. See their myspace page for more details.

***VIDEOS OF THE 100 MONKEYS at the Rickshaw Theatre below***

100 Monkeys in Vancouver 9/12/09 – The Monkey Song

100 Monkeys in Vancouver 9/12/09 – Jackson Rathbone’s dancing

Music Mondays – 9/14/09

R.I.P. PATRICK SWAYZE, 1952-2009.

She’s Like the Wind – Patrick Swayze