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[Music Video] – Black Red Yellow


I may be biased, but this is by far the best version of Wiz Khalifa’s Black & Yellow I have seen yet.


Black Red Yellow,
That’s my team.
Old school,
Way before the blue and green.

Need I say more? Check out Terell Safadi’s cover below.


Black Red Yellow – Terell Safadi



[via HeadToTheNet]



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12. Home, Sweet Home

30 Day Blog Challenge
A photograph of the town you live in.




Vancouver, my hometown. No words are needed to describe this photo. Just enjoy it.


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[Sitting on the Dock of the Bay — Otis Redding]

AFRICAN NIGHTS: Fundraiser for Africa

Next Tuesday (September 21st), spend your evening indulging in drumming and dance. The African Nights Fundraiser hosted by Rose Charities supports education projects in Africa.

There are incredible bargains and over 100 items are being auctioned off, including a SIGNED ROBERTO LUONGO GOALIE STICK!!

Check out some of the items to be auctioned off:

  • For Canucks fans – a Roberto Luongo signed goalie stick.
  • Getaways: cabin on Sunshine Coast, waterfront cabin on Mayne Island, Hollyhock gift cert. $345.00
  • Cultural: Tickets to the opera and theatre
  • Restaurants: Burgoo, East is East, Aphrodite’s, Rangoli and Sweet Obsession
  • Clothing boutiques: gift certificates to  Wear Else, Hum on Main, Aritizia, Urban Rack
  • Hair cuts and color: Ego, Gliss, Suki’s, Black to Blonde and Eliane
  • Wellness: Le Petit Spa, 4th avenue Massage
  • Dental: Custom Teeth Bleaching  a $550.00 value, electric toothbrush
  • Art: jewellery, ceramics, glassware, photo, knit blankets, felted scarves
  • Classes: a session of Italian language, vocal with Lynn McGown, yoga at Yoga West
  • Wine
  • plus certificates at Banyen Books, Urban Yarns, and tons more!!

With a special performance by Jacky Essombe Village, food, bar, and a silent auction, you’re bound to have a good Tuesday night all while contributing to an important cause.

What: African Nights Vancouver
When: Tuesday, September 21st, 2010
Time: 7:00pm to 11:00pm
Where: Performance Works, 1218 Cartwright St., Granville Island, Vancouver
Cost: $30 Adults; $25 Students w/ I.D.

Tickets online at

For more information contact Aisha at or tweet her @diamondnprinces.

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Day Sixty-Two: Let’s make a dream come true

Day 62, originally uploaded by canucklehead07 on 08/01/10.

The sign reads: “Help me make my dream of owning a camper trailer come true! Tips here.”

This tip jar belongs to an old man who manages the concession stand at Kitsilano Beach just on top of Kits Pool.

I challenge everyone reading this to pay him a visit and get him one step closer to making his dream come true. He’s a pretty cool guy.

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Day Fifty-Two

Day 52, originally uploaded by canucklehead07.

I was driving westbound on East Broadway (near Rupert St., I believe) and noticed this street banner. I thought it was interesting that we need to be reminded to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. It’s true though. Good message.

Have you noticed any other community banners around Vancouver?

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Day Fifty

Day 50, originally uploaded by canucklehead07.

Beautiful Tuesday evening in Vancouver looking over False Creek.

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Day 41 to 43 – Whistler Adventures

Day 41 to 43, originally uploaded by canucklehead07.

Three of my friends and I went on a Whistler trip this past Sunday through Tuesday.

A near 24 years of my life and I can finally call myself a Vancouverite. It’s pretty sad that I’ve lived in Vancity all my life and this was my first trip to Whistler, no?

I took over 500 photos during the trip and in the end, I edited them down to almost 300. Most of the photos were of trees and mountains. Surprisingly, I’m not sick of nature yet; if anything, I have more appreciation for it.

Summer at Whistler is quite relaxing, everyone was very laid back (especially the staff… which actually angered me. But that’s another story for another day).

On our second day there, we did the Peak2Peak. I literally felt on top of the world when we got to the top of Whistler and Blackcomb mountains. Although it was summer, there was still snow on the peaks and was unbearably cold for most people.

Down back in the village, we spent most of the time eating, people-watching, walking around, and laying by the pool. It was scorching hot most of the days, except for a brief period early Monday morning. I always get a dark tan anytime and anyplace I go. But never in my life have I burned, until I went to Whistler.

My friends also surprised me with a birthday cake. It was five days too early, so I didn’t even know it was coming. Everyone was in on it except me of course. It was probably one of the best surprises I have ever experienced, especially the way they tried hiding it from me.

My first time at Whistler was fun and I hope to do it again. I still have more things on my to-do list: ziplining, river rafting, mountain/trail biking, and more.

Hopefully there will be more Whistler trips and vacations elsewhere with my people. Good times!

Memorable Whistler quotes:

“I like Andrea — she’s diversified. She can be hip hop with me and MySpace with Mila.” –Aisha on Andrea’s music taste

Mila & Sara: “What’s RCI?”
Aisha: “The peoples.”

Mila: “Dude, she stole your glasses!”
Sara: “I look better.”

Andrea: *whispers* “Psst. Mila. He’s hot.”
Mila: “I know. I’ve been staring this entire time.”

“Damn. He’s got a big…lens.” –Andrea

“AAH! There’s an animal on you!” –Aisha

Andrea wearing a Olympic Calgary ’88 jacket.
Tourist on gondola: “Fancy camera…and she’s wearing a jacket older than her.”
Mila: “Actually, no.”

Andrea in Olympic Calgary ’88 jacket; Mila in Olympic Canada hoodie.
Tourist: “Where are you ladies from?”
Mila: “We’re from here… Vancouver.”
Tourist: “Oh, I couldn’t tell……your jackets say you’re from different places.”
Mila: “Um. No.”

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Day Thirty-Nine

Day 39, originally uploaded by canucklehead07.

Vancouver’s oldest tradition is back! The Kitsilano Showboat!

My friend and I hung out at Kits Beach today for a little picnic and some volleyball. We also watched a few performances at the Showboat. Most of the children didn’t know what they were doing, but they were still entertaining and as cute as can be.

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Day Twenty-Seven

Day 27, originally uploaded by canucklehead07.

The annual Greek Day Festival transformed Vancouver streets into sights and sounds, and appetizing smells. I’ve been going to the festival every year since I was a little kid, but unfortunately I haven’t gone the past couple of years. It was good to be back.

Thousands of people took to the streets in Kitsilano. There were lots vendors selling products – including a free charicature drawing booth and a massage parlor. Of course there was no limit to entertainment. Stilt walkers and fictional Greek characters roamed the streets, music was blaring in every corner, and a stage of traditional Greek dancers kept the party alive.

Pictured above is a delicious pork souvlaki which I waited nearly ten minutes in line for. It was worth the wait. Five city blocks were lined with tables of a variety of Greek food. From souvlakis to gyros and olives to Loukoumades (fried dough balls), there were plenty of options to fill your belly.

If only Greek Day was everyday.

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Dude, where is my Summer?!


Is it really the first day of summer? It sure doesn’t feel like it. This has probably been the coolest spring/summers I’ve felt in years. Last year I remember heading down to the beach or park nearly every single day starting in May. It’s nearing the end of June and we were lucky enough to even get a few full-days of sunshine and warmth.

The past couple of months was mediocre. Not that it was raining lots because it wasn’t; it was just grey and listless.

Sure we had some lovely, gorgeous days, but rarely did it hold up for the entire day. There were days that started out warm and sunny, then the clouds came to ruin our day. Other days started out cool and cloudy, then turned gorgeous (much like today as I am writing this). Then there are the days where we had the combo rain-sunshine.



Roughly everyday these past couple of months I would stare out the window before getting dressed for the day. It would take me at least five minutes just to decide what to wear for the day because the weather is so indecisive in the morning. I’m pretty sure I’ve yelled at the clouds like Grandpa Simpson (pictured above) on several occasions already. Make up your mind, Mother Nature!

Hopefully the weather we’ve been having isn’t any indication of what Summer 2010 is supposed to be because I will go insane if it doesn’t get any better.

I’m sick of clouds
I’m sick of grey skies…
I’m sick of my plans being ruined…
I’m sick of not being able to wear shorts, tanks, skirts, flip flops…
I’m sick of shaking my fist in disdain at the sky…
I’m sick of complaining.

Let me have my summer back. Please.


[Steal My Sunshine – Len]



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