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007 is a woman

Daniel Craig (aka Bond, James Bond) is featured in a two-minute short commissioned for International Women’s Day.

The video also features background commentary by Dame Judi Dench who highlights inequalities between men and women.

Good message, but did 007 really need to be in drag to get the point across? Meh.




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03. I’m a cliché

30 Day Blog Challenge
Your idea of the perfect first date.


It starts off with a little something like this…






…And ends off with a little something like that.



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[Belle of the Boulevard – Dashboard Confessional]

A day of giving thanks.

On Friendship.

It’s Thanksgiving today and what better way to give thanks than laying it out on a blog right? Okay, so maybe not the best way. But this will have to do for now since I’ve got a lot on my mind.

I could have sat here all day and wished I was little bit taller, wished I was a baller, but I won’t because although my life isn’t so perfect at the moment, I have so much to be thankful for. Mostly, the basic things in life: a roof over my head, food at my table, a family who loves me, and the bestest friends a girl could ask for.

A couple of weeks ago I was reminded of how friendship is so important. Out of nowhere, I randomly remembered and thought about my dad’s best friend from the “old country”. We nicknamed her “Signora Metacos” and would always have a good chuckle every time we called her by that name because a) Signoria is “Mrs.” in Italian & neither of them are Italian and b) What the heck is a Metacos? Anyway, the two of them were the best of friends; always joking around, had telephone conversations about the most random of subjects several times a day, you name it. Kind of like how I am with my best friends. She passed away almost 10 years ago.

We knew something was wrong when she and my dad didn’t have their daily conversations for a few days. She had been sick with pneumonia for nearly a month and so we decided to drive up to her apartment near Oak Street hoping she was well. Unfortunately, the building manager informed us of the grave news. I remember clearly the drive back home. The 15 minute drive seemed about an hour as we just sat in our car in silence.

I’ve never told anyone this story before and my family and I haven’t brought her up in conversation since then. But Signoria Metacos was an important person in my life (I’ve known her since I was a baby) and in my dad’s. Although she was much older, 10 years his senior, they got along great and I can only imagine losing her was probably the most difficult things he had to go through in his life. He hasn’t found another friend quite as awesome as she was and the camaraderie between him and his other friends aren’t nearly as strong. This is why I am so grateful for the friends I have now.


Thank you for being a friend
Traveled down the road and back again
Your heart is true you’re a pal and a confidant

I know I don’t outwardly show my feelings as often as I should. But, you guys have no idea how much love and joy you have given me and the impact you have made on my life up to this day.

Below is a photo collage of the good times I’ve had with my buddies this year. If you’re not in the photo, then get with the program! Rather, I too should step my game up. After all, it takes two to tango.

To my old friends: Let’s start fresh. We got a lotta catching up to do.

To my new friends and acquaintances: Let’s make some memories, eh? I think it’s about time.

To my best friends: I can totally imagine us old, wrinkly and grey, rocking a pair of the funkiest nylon tracksuits and speed walking down the Kits Beach seawall while listening to some BSB (don’t try to hide it – y’all still love ‘em). Thanks for being there ya cheeseballs.

Peace and love and HAPPY TURKEY DAY to all! Gobble Gobble!

(click on photo to enlarge)
2010 collage 01_

Much love,

Dude, where is my Summer?!


Is it really the first day of summer? It sure doesn’t feel like it. This has probably been the coolest spring/summers I’ve felt in years. Last year I remember heading down to the beach or park nearly every single day starting in May. It’s nearing the end of June and we were lucky enough to even get a few full-days of sunshine and warmth.

The past couple of months was mediocre. Not that it was raining lots because it wasn’t; it was just grey and listless.

Sure we had some lovely, gorgeous days, but rarely did it hold up for the entire day. There were days that started out warm and sunny, then the clouds came to ruin our day. Other days started out cool and cloudy, then turned gorgeous (much like today as I am writing this). Then there are the days where we had the combo rain-sunshine.



Roughly everyday these past couple of months I would stare out the window before getting dressed for the day. It would take me at least five minutes just to decide what to wear for the day because the weather is so indecisive in the morning. I’m pretty sure I’ve yelled at the clouds like Grandpa Simpson (pictured above) on several occasions already. Make up your mind, Mother Nature!

Hopefully the weather we’ve been having isn’t any indication of what Summer 2010 is supposed to be because I will go insane if it doesn’t get any better.

I’m sick of clouds
I’m sick of grey skies…
I’m sick of my plans being ruined…
I’m sick of not being able to wear shorts, tanks, skirts, flip flops…
I’m sick of shaking my fist in disdain at the sky…
I’m sick of complaining.

Let me have my summer back. Please.


[Steal My Sunshine – Len]



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2009: Here’s lookin’ at you kid!


What a year it’s been! I don’t know about you, but 2009 treated me pretty well. I’d say probably one of the best years I’ve had inside this decade. In retrospect, I can’t remember a lot of it – somehow. Nonetheless, I know 2009 was a goody.

Without further ado, here’s a final look at my most favourite and memorable moments of 2009!


Snow, snow, and more snow!

While the rest of Canada hadn’t yet received even an inch of snow, Mother nature dropped a wallop of snow on the West Coast. We were knee deep in Vancouver, literally.

Despite all the snow, the mountains left us with an amazing snowboard/ski season. Of course, I took advantage of our local mountains.

30 Cypress Mountain | Group

Cypress Mountain


Summer Heat wave

With early snowfall, comes a heat wave I will never forget. It was our turn to laugh at the rest of Canada. As they suffered through never-ending rain pours, floods, and cold, Vancouver was baking under the sun.

Fun times were had in the summer of ‘09.

BBQs, beach chill outs, PNE days, kayaking, hiking, biking, golfing, tennis-ing, and more!


The Weekend to End Breast Cancer fundraiser

My friends, Puma, ApuTheFish, and I – aka Team A.M.P. – decided to participate in the Weekend to End Breast Cancer. The object was to endure a two-day 60km walk to raise money to find a cure for breast cancer and other women’s cancers. Unfortunately, we never made our $6000 fundraising goal; thus, we were unable to participate in the journey.

We still had a tonne of fun working together to achieve our goal. Organizing our fundraising events were stressful and our training sessions were tiring, but we had good times. Most importantly, I learned a lot about each other: our work ethic, resilience, and friendship.

Thanks again to those who sponsored us!

02 005

014 034




In 2009, I turned 23. Too old, yet still too young. It’s the uncool age, I think. I’m the middle runt of all my friends; this year, my closest friends ranged from 21 to 25. Yeah, we’re a crazy bunch – that’s why I love ‘em.



Twilight in Vancouver

How could this list of memories exist without my mention of Twilight? It can’t. Honestly, the 2nd and 3rd instalments of the Twilight Saga: New Moon and Eclipse being filmed in my hometown really made 2009 extra special.

Some would call me obsessed. I beg to differ. I wasn’t one of those people who would go out each and everyday looking for sets or hunting for the actors. I was lucky, really. I practically had to step into my backyard, so to speak, and I could stumble upon the Twilight actors.

Doing this was a lot easier when New Moon was filmed here in the Spring. No one cared too much that the actors were in town. You could probably only see two or three paparazzi or autograph hounds walking around at the most! The bigger stars like Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson could easily walk around without getting attacked.

In the Summer, everything changed. Taylor, Rob, and Kristen Stewart were on lockdown. Paparazzi, autograph hounds, and crazed Twilight fans from all around the world flocked to Vancouver when the 3rd instalment started filming just so they can catch a glimpse of their favourite star.

New Moon was actually fun in Vancouver. My partner-in-crime, TayloredMyPants, and I would always have lunch once a week in downtown – a weekly ritual if you will. After lunch, we’d take a walk and BOOM we’d see one of the actors.


Rachelle LeFevre | New Moon 0409 


Eclipse was a different story. It wasn’t easy seeing any of the actors. However, TMP and I – during lunch – saw Peter Facinelli (Dr. Carlisle Cullen). It was the first day the cast was in town for Eclipse and no one knew they were here yet. Peter was merely 50 metres away from us. We decided not to approach him and we gave him his peace because we knew that his peace and sanity may go out the window the very next day. On a couple of occasions though, I saw Elizabeth Reaser (Esme Cullen), Nikki Reed (Rosalie Hale), Kellan Lutz (Emmett Cullen) and Cameron Bright (Alec); again, not approaching either of them. However, one day while shopping with my mom downtown, I spotted "the humans" and decided to actually get my picture taken with them.


Basically, Twilight was a huge part of my 2009. Without it, the year would have been completely different. It wasn’t all about seeing the stars, I actually made new friends and acquaintances that I see from time to time during various other gatherings. Shout outs to RobbedMyHeart, Malicious Mandy, VampireMonkey99, LadyDispatcher, and everyone else who I’ve met throughout this whole ordeal!


Music – the food for my soul

The past year was an epic one for live shows AND for burning a hole through my wallet. Being a full-time student, it’s difficult to get out and watch live music when you barely even have a day off. However this year, if there was someone I really wanted to see, I had to go – no ifs, ands, or buts about it (maybe that’s why my GPA in ‘09 suffered? LOL).

Without a doubt, there was no way I was going to miss my favourites Jason Mraz and the Kings of Leon while they were in town.

This year I was opened to a door of new musicians. Most of the gigs I attended were at smaller venues and clubs, a far cry from my usual concerts at arenas like GM Place. Those were probably my most memorable shows.

Kings of Leon

046a 051a 055a



Jason Mraz with Bushwalla and K’Naan

011pb 019pb 027pb

053pb 071pb 096pb

Bobby Long

 015pb 028pb

042pb 048pb


100 Monkeys with The Orphans and Thee Manipulators





Justin Nozuka




Sam Bradley
(photos taken on five separate occasions)



Hockey, eh!

They don’t call me canucklehead for nothin’ ya know. It seemed like anything I did in ‘09 revolved around hockey, specifically the Vancouver Canucks and some of the team members. See, I’m kind of best friends with some of them (or at least in my mind).

From watching the Vancouver Giants 2008-2009 season playoffs, invites to Vancouver Canucks private practices, meet-and-greets with Alex Burrows and Kyle Wellwood, being bff’s with Kevin Bieksa and Mason Raymond, getting to watch almost all of the Canucks’ December ‘09 games on home ice, to volunteering at GM Place, I can honestly say hockey was good to me in 2009.






Friends – my 2nd family

I don’t know how I’d survive 2009 without you all. From the random hang outs, long talks, tears and jeers, there was never a dull moment.

The latter third of ‘09 was especially unforgettable. You all know why, I’ll just leave it at that.

You were hanging in the corner
With your five best friends…

Andrea, Sara, Erica, Mia, and Ivy – thank you for making my 2009 super memorable.

It is now 2010 and so let’s raise our proverbial glasses in a toast to making the best of the New Year.

Love you long time!


Sam Bradley & local musicians go Busking for Change in Vancouver streets

Friday, local musicians took to Vancouver streets to busk in support of war affected children. War Child’s Busking for Change event was brought to the west coast for the first time. My friends and I first heard of the event when Sam Bradley tweeted he will be one of the artists participating in the great cause. His original goal was to raise $400 for War Child. That was quickly surpassed by caring and giving people bringing Sam’s total to over $2100 (and still growing!).

Vancouver rock band, Elias, forefronted the event with a stellar line-up of talented musicians busking the streets including:

Carly Rae Jepsen
Said The Whale
The Painted Birds
The Februarys
Yukon Blonde
We Are The City
Jessie Farrell
The Zolas
Current Swell
JP from Maurice
Winston Hauschild
Chad Brownlee
Benjamin Keith
Morgan Cameron Ross from Birds Of Wales
Joseph Blood from Bend Sinsiter
Goodbye Beatdown
The Racoons
Henry & The Nightcrawlers
The Autumn Portrait

Despite the cold and dreary Vancouver weather, the artists played host to a handful of small crowds and smiling passersby from 10:00am to 6:00pm. My friends and I caught some of the bands, but we mostly supported Sam Bradley (and his sister Grace Lindsey) throughout the event.

Sam Bradley convinces a man to save his lungs and donate his change to War Child

(Recorded by: Mila M.)

For those of you who couldn’t support Sam busk for change, enjoy the photos and videos of his performances below.

And don’t forget, it is NOT too late to donate to War Child. Go HERE to sponsor Sam Bradley. For more information and to sponsor other celebrated musicians to raise money for war affected children, visit the Busking for Change donation site HERE!

Passport – Sam Bradley in Vancouver Busking for Change 12/18/09

(Recorded by: Mila M.)

Lights (Fucking Lights) – Sam Bradley in Vancouver Busking for Change 12/18/19

(Recorded by: Andrea T.)

Scared – Sam Bradley ft. Grace Lindsey in Vancouver Busking for Change 12/18/09

(Recorded by: Andrea T.)

Sea Blue – Sam Bradley ft. Grace Lindsey in Vancouver Busking for Change 12/18/09

(Recorded by: Mila M.)

No Diggity (cover) – Sam Bradley in Vancouver Busking for Change 12/18/09

(Recorded by: Mila M.)

Too Far Gone – Sam Bradley ft. Grace Lindsey in Vancouver Busking for Change 12/18/09

(Recorded by: Mila M.)

Derek – Sam Bradley in Vancouver Busking for Change 12/18/09

(Recorded by: Sara K.Y.)

Whiskey – Sam Bradley ft. Grace Lindsey in Vancouver Busking for Change 12/18/09

(Recorded by: Mila M.)

Paradise – Sam Bradley ft. Grace Lindsey in Vancouver Busking for Change 12/18/09

(Recorded by: Mila M.)

Watching Over You – Sam Bradley ft. Grace Lindsey in Vancouver Busking for Change 12/18/09

(Recorded by: Mila M.)


CLIP OF THE WEEK – 10/25/09

There is debate for over a year now whether the video below is real or fake. It depicts old footage of real bears in former Soviet Russia playing ice hockey. If you think this is fake — think again. Russia has been putting on shows like these for decades, such as the Moscow Circus on Ice (which has been banned in Vancouver for obvious reasons). And what about the recent news about the skating bear who killed the circus’ director?

Real Bears Playing Hockey


Kellan does Yoga with PFach

Today, Peter Facinelli tweeted he did Yoga with Kellan Lutz. Maybe these couple of hot Yogis want to do Yoga with me & my friends? (haha, Yes I know, shameless plug… I can’t help it!)

Canucks Fans Rated One of the Best in the NHL

Hockey blogger Derek Felska ranks the top 10 best and worst fans of the NHL. Based on a special formula he concocted to tabulate his ranking, he finalized that Vancouver Canucks fans rank #5 in the NHL.

“I must admit, its somewhat painful to have to admit this but the Vancouver Canucks have some of the best fans in the league. Vancouver fans fill up GM Place each and every night and they’re a demanding audience. Not quite as vicious as Flyers fans, but Vancouver fans will not hesitate to let their team know they are unhappy whether on local radio stations or on the CDC Message boards.”

– Derek Felska

Good job fellow canuckleheads! Let’s reach for the #1 spot in 2010 eh!

To read the rest of the rankings, visit Felska’s blog here.

EXCLUSIVE: DQ Miracle Treat Day with Mason Raymond

August 13th was Miracle Treat Day — Blizzard® Treats purchased at participating Dairy Queen® locations benefit the Children’s Miracle Network.

Last year, Dairy Queen® locations all across Canada and the U.S. raised approximately $4.5 million just in Blizzard® proceeds from this one-day event. Combined with ‘Miracle Balloons’ and loose change canisters, nearly $5.7 million was raised helping children in Canada and the U.S.

“By selling balloons we raised money for the Children’s Miracle Network. THANK YOU!”

– Siew Lim, Yaletown Dairy Queen® store owner

This year, my friend (who incidentally is also a DQ® employee) “Apu” and her boss – Yaletown DQ® store owner, Siew Lim – asked if I would like to help out with Thursday’s event. I happily obliged and invited my friend “TayloredMyPants” to come along.

We also had another ‘friend’ volunteer with us — Vancouver Canucks forward Mason Raymond!

Miracle Treat Day 0

From left to right: A customer buys a Blizzard® supporting the Children’s Miracle Network; Mason Raymond & me; “Apu” & me.

As ‘ambassadors’ for Thursday’s event, we promoted Miracle Treat Day on downtown sidewalks and collected donations by selling Miracle Balloons. We got to be behind the scenes, too. Not gonna lie, Mason was a pro at his cashiering skills. Sometimes catching customers off-guard, he got a lot of “Hey… aren’t you?….”, speechless stares, and cougar-puck-bunnies galore! But most importantly was seeing the smiles upon children’s faces. It’s for the kids afterall.

“I’m so happy I can help out today. All proceeds go to a great cause for the kids. Anything I can do to help out — it feels great to give back a little bit.”
– Mason Raymond, #21 Vancouver Canucks

It was our first time helping out during Miracle Treat Day and I would not hesitate to do it again next year. We got to meet a lot of different characters from various organizations and walks-of-life — young, old, professionals, and hardcore ice cream fans. It was an awesome opportunity to help the people at the Children’s Miracle Network and support sick and injured children have the best medical care available. Not to mention, Blizzards® are mmmm so good.

Miracle Treat Day 2

Left: Mason Raymond, the Yaletown DQ® crew, & myself

Right: Mason Raymond & TayloredMyPants

For more information regarding Miracle Treat Day and the Children’s Miracle Network, visit the link here.

[All photos and quotes are property of canucklehead07. Do not use without prior consent.]