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007 is a woman

Daniel Craig (aka Bond, James Bond) is featured in a two-minute short commissioned for International Women’s Day.

The video also features background commentary by Dame Judi Dench who highlights inequalities between men and women.

Good message, but did 007 really need to be in drag to get the point across? Meh.




later days,


CBC’s The Hour: My adventure with Strombo & the Sedin Twins


The Hour set in Vancouver[Photo credit: Masey]



I had the opportunity on Wednesday evening to attend my very first talk show taping.

A few weeks ago, word quickly spread on Twitter that Canada’s boyfriend, George Stroumboulopoulos (aka Strombo), was moving his show, The Hour, over to the best coast for a couple of nights. I quickly jumped at the chance to get free tickets for my friends and I to attend the taping. Unfortunately, I was refused tickets as they were already snapped up within an hour of their release. Ugh, keeners.

There was still hope for us though.

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Vancouver Twilight Convention: My adventure with Peter Facinelli

***WARNING: I apologize in advance for my idiotic, fangirl-like behaviour. I’m not normally like this….I think.***


Okay, so it’s time to admit it… finally. This past Sunday I attended the Official TWILIGHT Convention Tour. I wasn’t going to attend the three-day event, but when I found out Peter Facinelli Keep Reading…

Live chat with Peter Facinelli



Star of The Twilight Saga and Showtime’s Nurse Jackie, Peter Facinelli, dropped by Saturday evening for a live chat with fans.

I asked two questions (Other than the people, what did you like most about my hometown Vancouver? and After a hard day’s work on set, what do you like to do to unwind?), but neither were answered. With only less than one hour to chat with fans and thousands of questions and comments posed from fans around the world, PFach couldn’t respond to all of them.

Below is the Q&A:

Peter Facinelli:
Hey this is Peter. Thanks for coming, everyone! Sorry I’m a little late — I had bad reception and was watching The Tooth Fairy 🙂

Peter playing the role of Carlisle must be a lot different than Dr. Fitch Cooper because obviously Carlisle is a vampire, but are there any other difference?

They’re 180 degrees apart. Carlisle is a very calming figure and the foundation and rock of a family.
Cooper is a lot more energetic and immature than Carlisle.
I think the only thing they have in common is they both wear white coats.

Hello Peter, I am a 30-something fan of yours from Colorado. First I’d like to just say that you brought the character of Carlisle to life on the screen and added a lot of dimension to him so thank you for your performance. My question is: Are you glad you did the Twilight Saga (not that it’s quite done yet) and where would you like to see your career go from here? Thank you so much for your time!

I’m very excited to be a part of the Twilight Saga. It’s very rare for a movie to have this kind of effect on people and to be a cultural phenomenon.
I try to do things that I haven’t done before – hopefully I’ll continue to do so, and continue to surprise the audience and surprise myself.

Kim Sullivan:
Hey. I’ve seen a lot of your interviews and I’ve noticed that you are never asked any of the basic questions! Like, what’s your favorite song?

You know, I have such an eclectic taste when it comes to music, so that’s a very difficult question for me. I’ll listen to everything from Eminem to Elvis Presley to The Beatles.
Don’t have a favorite band that I listen too — kind of like a little bit of everything.

What is your favorite thing about playing a vampire?

I think being a vampire is fun because you get to live forever.
As an actor, the coolest thing about playing a vampire is that vampires are cool right now, so it’s fun to play one.

Charlotte, London:
Hi Peter, Hope you are well! Q: If you could be any character other than your own in the saga, who would that be and why? Thank You for all the time you give to us fans on twitter! xx

Edward, for a bunch of reasons, if I were younger would be a great character to play. If I couldn’t play Edward I’m quite happy playing the dad. I don’t think the apple falls far from the tree.

Can you play any instruments and are you a good singer? ;D

I always sing in the shower.
I can play maybe 2 songs on the guitar — Blackbird (Beatles) and La Bamba.

Do you have a dream role you’d like to play, if so what?

I don’t know what that is — I like having scripts come to me and they either strike a chord with me or not.
When I was younger, I always wanted to play Spiderman…but that didn’t happen.
There are some genres I’d like to play in- westerns, action, romantic comedy.
There are some things I’ve been writing, and hopefully I can get financing and make those films.

Who inspired you to act?

My inspirations were Paul Newman and Robert Redford – Saw a movie "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" and those guys looked like they were having a lot of fun and I decided that’s what I wanted to do.
Now I like Sean Penn and what he’s doing. Gary Oldman. I like to be surprised by an actor – you never know what you’re going to get and they don’t play the same role.
I try to take on contrasting roles, like Carlisle and Cooper.

Team Taylor or Team Robert?

haha – I gotta go Team Robert. he’s my family. I love Taylor, but Rob plays my son so I got to keep it in the family.
But as far as the real actors in the film — I think they’re both immensely talented and I support both of them.

Mica from Czech Republic:
If you’re not an actor, what would be your job?

I’d be working at Blockbusters so I could watch a lot of movies.
If I could do something else in the entertainment industry I’d be either a director or a writer…I’d have to be able to tell a story one way or another. I’m writing now and hope to direct some day.
Would like to do all 3 one day – write, direct and act.

Jess Cardoso (foforks):
Hi Peter, i’ve 14 years old, and i’m from Brazil, i wanted to ask you how was the fight scenes in Eclipse for you? And the preparation, it was hard?

The fight scenes prep was tedious but fun. I enjoyed it immensely. Going to work and training, doing fight choreography and working out was fun. We had about 5 weeks to prep, so every day we were working really hard.
It wasn’t like digging ditches, but it was fun to be able to go in and be a part of that. It became very competitive within the cast.

Blair aka Crystal Sparda:
What actors do you want to work with in the future?

I’d love to work with Clint Eastwood, Sean Penn, Denzel Washington, Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. I’ve been really fortunate to work with some really great, talented people in my career and I’m looking forward to continuing that.

Thanks to Peter for stopping by and sharing his time with us. Thanks to everyone for making this such an awesome chat. Now go watch the movie!

Really excited to be part of the Showtime family, and that the Twilight saga is premiering on Showtime. I hope everyone really enjoys it.



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MUSIC MONDAYS – 11/02/09

The Confidence – The Filthy Youth

And if you’re wondering… Yes, that is Ed Westwick of Gossip Girl fame.

[Kudos to ApuTheFish for the suggestion!]


Bigger – The Backstreet Boys

Brothers From Other Mothers?


Was Twilight Saga: New Moon’s Taylor Lautner, AC360’s Anderson Cooper, and CNN correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta separated at birth? Hmm… most likely not. But they sure know how to pose for a photo!




See more photos of Taylor Lautner’s GQ photoshoot HERE! (There is no way this boy is 17!)




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Trailer: “Takers”

Takers – scheduled for release Feb. 19th, 2010

[Kudos to Neelta for the submission]

Nardwuar vs. 100 Monkeys

Nardwuar the Human Serviette interviews the 100 Monkeys in Vancouver. I love Rathbone’s Disney 411 intro. Cute.
Doot doola doot doo… doot doo!

[via @Nardwuar ]

CONCERT REVIEW: Goin’ ape with 100 Monkeys!


Saturday night, I, along with Apu, TayloredMyPants and hundreds of fans rocked out next to a dumpster in an alley on the corner of Main St. and E. Hastings.


Though not the safest or cleanest area to chill out on a Saturday night, many ventured to the Rickshaw Theatre in Vancouver’s infamous downtown east side to catch Twilight saga’s Jackson Rathbone’s band, The 100 Monkeys, play a show.

The concert was to start at 8:00pm while doors were to open at 7:00. We were hoping to arrive there by 6:15pm knowing that the TwiHards were going to come super early to perhaps catch a glimpse of Rathbone (“Jasper Hale”). The three of us; however, were running late and knew we were probably going to be at the back of a long line.

Apu arrived at the theatre half-an-hour before us and txt’d me that the line had already stretched near a block long.

When TayloredMyPants and I finally caught up to Apu, I observed an eclectic variation of people in line — from the regular folk, the indie/rock crowd, older people, young’uns (including families with their children — I even saw a BABY!), and of course the TwiHards.

I also saw RobbedMyHeart & co. and a few familiar faces again!

As the line finally started moving, albeit way later than scheduled, the three of us planned to book it to the front row of seats or as close as we could get.

I walked through the theatre doors and there were already at least 80 people that crowded around the stage — there was open standing room floor space between the stage and the theatre seats which could fit a few hundred standing… This, we did not know.

And of course, as usual, everyone in front of me was taller than I was. Damn genes. To add to my problem, the theatre had no air conditioning or ventilation, so the room got hot very quickly. It felt like we were in a sauna.

We waited in our own sweat for the opening act, Vancouver’s own Thee Manipulators, to begin. However, someone else came on stage instead.

He was from a new band called The Orphans who are coming to play in Vancouver sometime next month. He was here to just “give us a little taste”.

Yeah, so he may have sported a bouffant from the Shakespearean era, but don’t let his looks fool you. He was pretty darn good — probably one of the best indie opening acts I’ve ever seen. Though he came solo, he used a pedal to perform the back beats, played his guitar ferociously, and made sure to keep his audience entertained with conversation.

If the full band is anything like this one guy, or better, I’ll be sure to check them out.

Next, Thee Manipulators came on stage with matching black cowboy shirts and red neckerchiefs. Yes, I said neckerchiefs. LOL.

They got off to a rough start having technical difficulties with their equipment. More waiting around.

A couple of the band members tried to entertain us by making conversation. Finally, a guy came up on stage – whether he was from the Rickshaw Theatre or a roadie, I’m not sure. But he spit out some beats and rapped for us until their equipment problems were resolved. Not too shabby.

Thee Manipulators weren’t my cup ‘o tea. I couldn’t hear any of the lyrics that were sung. But other than that, I just wasn’t a big fan. One of the band members; however, kept me into them only for the fact that he looks and acts like a hybrid of crazy Robert Downey, jr. and hot throb Uncle Jesse from Full House. Sorry if you disagree with me, but this was the only thing that got me going. And if you agree with me… *high five*! During one of their songs they threw into the crowd mini tambourines and maracas so that we can get involved. TayloredMyPants caught an orange maraca. Jealous. lol.

When their set ended, the theatre got even hotter and I can feel wet stickiness all over my body. The space around you and the people near you soon closed in even closer as nearly everyone was trying to jam themselves onto the floor. Next up was Rathbone and the boys.

Oh, and before I forget, I’d like to apologize to *anyone* whom I’ve rubbed my disgusting sweaty body up against during the show. Trust me when I say I tried avoiding you.

The 100 Monkeys came on stage to tune their instruments; meanwhile, my eardrums almost exploded due to the screaming fan girls all around me.

Before the 100 Monkeys officially began, I noticed a lot of camera flashes towards the side of the stage on the floor level, but speakers were blocking my way, so I couldn’t see. Next thing I knew, walking across the stage was Rathbone’s co-Twilight cast members, Nikki Reed (“Rosalie Hale”) and Elizabeth Reaser (“Esme Cullen”), along with Nikki’s current bf Paris Latsis (Paris Hilton’s ex). They climbed up an above-staged VIP seating area. Minutes later, TayloredMyPants told me to look up at the VIP area again — STEPHANIE MEYER (Twilight saga author) was also present. I KNOWWW!!! (Poor lighting and a not-so-awesome camera makes for really bad and grainy photos. Oh well, I tried.)

Throughout the whole 100 Monkeys performance, you could barely hear the boys sing (especially down on floor level) as all you could hear were girls screaming — usually for Rathbone. I also noticed that cameras were almost always being pointed towards Rathbone or the VIP area. I think it’s safe to say that the majority of the concert-goers actually came to see their fave Twilight stars.

They belted out song after song, even doing their famous ‘invent-a-song’ song. They asked suggestions for a topic from the crowd. The first person screamed out “ACORN!” That got rejected pretty quickly and everyone chuckled at the idea; one of the monkeys saying that suggestion sucked. After a dozen or so more crappy suggestions, they stuck with the original suggestion — Acorn. How uncreative are we?

The boys are very talented. Most bands stick to their one and only instrument. The 100 Monkeys; however, rotated almost after every song exchanging instruments with each other. And for the record, Rathbone played rhythm guitar, bass guitar, the keyboards, and drums.

One of my favourite moments of the performance was when Jackson Rathbone did a silly dance along with one of the songs. Too cute. See the video below.

It was a quarter-past-midnight and the show didn’t end yet, even though it was scheduled to finish at 11:00pm. The three of us decided to leave before the buses we needed quit running. I don’t think we wanted to be stuck in that neighbourhood in the middle of the night.

Despite the heat and moisture, the show was most excellent. I finally got to see Jackson Rathbone much closer — he was only 5 metres away from me!!

Good times.

Be sure to see the 100 Monkeys live in Vancouver again this Sunday evening at the Backstage Lounge at Granville Island. See their myspace page for more details.

***VIDEOS OF THE 100 MONKEYS at the Rickshaw Theatre below***

100 Monkeys in Vancouver 9/12/09 – The Monkey Song

100 Monkeys in Vancouver 9/12/09 – Jackson Rathbone’s dancing

Audio: Obama calls West a “Jackass”

TMZ has obtained the audiotape of President Barack Obama calling Kanye West a “jackass” for hijacking Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech during the VMAs.

The audio was recorded just before Obama went on camera to do an interview with CNBC. Before the interview began, Obama — referring to Kanye’s antics on stage — said “I thought that was really inappropriate,” then adding, “He’s a jackass.”

After making the remarks, Obama said “Where’s the pool?” Presumably, he was worried the joke would go wide. He noted the last time that happened, he got burned for killing a fly.

Obama said, “Cut the President some slack.”

– via TMZ

Watch the audio clip posted by TMZ on YouTube right HERE! Allegedly, the person who recorded the original audio is in hot water with the government.

Obama Calls Kanye a ‘Jackass’