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[Music Video] – Black Red Yellow


I may be biased, but this is by far the best version of Wiz Khalifa’s Black & Yellow I have seen yet.


Black Red Yellow,
That’s my team.
Old school,
Way before the blue and green.

Need I say more? Check out Terell Safadi’s cover below.


Black Red Yellow – Terell Safadi



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later days,


My Adventure with Trevor Linden




The clock alarmed at 7:00am. It was time to wake up. It was a Saturday.

Why would I wake up at an unheard of hour on a Saturday you ask?

Two words:

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Day Five

Today was an EPIC day. I met Trevor Linden. Yes, THE Trevor Linden.

He signed my photo — the infamous Game 7, 1994 Stanley Cup vs. NY Rangers photo. Also pictured is Kirk McLean.

I’m not going to say much now. I’ll save my story for tomorrow.

later days,

Canucks Day in VanCity

Mayor Gregor Robertson and the Vancouver City Council declared Tuesday, April 27th as “Canucks Day”.

Hundreds of fans dressed in their best Canucks colours gathered at Keep reading…

CLIP OF THE WEEK – 10/18/09

Hilarious NHL 2K10 ad for the Wii featuring Vancouver Canucks Ryan Kesler and Kevin Bieksa.

Ryan Kesler’s Answering Machine

Canucks Fans Rated One of the Best in the NHL

Hockey blogger Derek Felska ranks the top 10 best and worst fans of the NHL. Based on a special formula he concocted to tabulate his ranking, he finalized that Vancouver Canucks fans rank #5 in the NHL.

“I must admit, its somewhat painful to have to admit this but the Vancouver Canucks have some of the best fans in the league. Vancouver fans fill up GM Place each and every night and they’re a demanding audience. Not quite as vicious as Flyers fans, but Vancouver fans will not hesitate to let their team know they are unhappy whether on local radio stations or on the CDC Message boards.”

– Derek Felska

Good job fellow canuckleheads! Let’s reach for the #1 spot in 2010 eh!

To read the rest of the rankings, visit Felska’s blog here.

EXCLUSIVE: DQ Miracle Treat Day with Mason Raymond

August 13th was Miracle Treat Day — Blizzard® Treats purchased at participating Dairy Queen® locations benefit the Children’s Miracle Network.

Last year, Dairy Queen® locations all across Canada and the U.S. raised approximately $4.5 million just in Blizzard® proceeds from this one-day event. Combined with ‘Miracle Balloons’ and loose change canisters, nearly $5.7 million was raised helping children in Canada and the U.S.

“By selling balloons we raised money for the Children’s Miracle Network. THANK YOU!”

– Siew Lim, Yaletown Dairy Queen® store owner

This year, my friend (who incidentally is also a DQ® employee) “Apu” and her boss – Yaletown DQ® store owner, Siew Lim – asked if I would like to help out with Thursday’s event. I happily obliged and invited my friend “TayloredMyPants” to come along.

We also had another ‘friend’ volunteer with us — Vancouver Canucks forward Mason Raymond!

Miracle Treat Day 0

From left to right: A customer buys a Blizzard® supporting the Children’s Miracle Network; Mason Raymond & me; “Apu” & me.

As ‘ambassadors’ for Thursday’s event, we promoted Miracle Treat Day on downtown sidewalks and collected donations by selling Miracle Balloons. We got to be behind the scenes, too. Not gonna lie, Mason was a pro at his cashiering skills. Sometimes catching customers off-guard, he got a lot of “Hey… aren’t you?….”, speechless stares, and cougar-puck-bunnies galore! But most importantly was seeing the smiles upon children’s faces. It’s for the kids afterall.

“I’m so happy I can help out today. All proceeds go to a great cause for the kids. Anything I can do to help out — it feels great to give back a little bit.”
– Mason Raymond, #21 Vancouver Canucks

It was our first time helping out during Miracle Treat Day and I would not hesitate to do it again next year. We got to meet a lot of different characters from various organizations and walks-of-life — young, old, professionals, and hardcore ice cream fans. It was an awesome opportunity to help the people at the Children’s Miracle Network and support sick and injured children have the best medical care available. Not to mention, Blizzards® are mmmm so good.

Miracle Treat Day 2

Left: Mason Raymond, the Yaletown DQ® crew, & myself

Right: Mason Raymond & TayloredMyPants

For more information regarding Miracle Treat Day and the Children’s Miracle Network, visit the link here.

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Canucks re-sign Kyle Wellwood!

Canucks forward, Kyle Wellwood, sees money after filing NHL salary arbitration.

Canucks forward, Kyle Wellwood, sees money after filing NHL salary arbitration.

My boy, #42 himself, Kyle “Magic Mittens” Wellwood signed a new one-year contract with the Vancouver Canucks. The Vancouver Sun reports his new salary at a well-deserved $1.2 million.

Wellwood filed for NHL salary arbitration early July after only earning under $1 million for the 2008-2009 season with the Canucks. Last season, Wellwood scored 18 goals and snagged a total of 27 points.

Whew, my worries are over. Welcome back Welly!

Canucks forward Kyle Wellwood

Canucks forward Kyle Wellwood

(photo sources: Getty Images)