All About Me

I’m not too sure if you’ll expect to learn “all about me” on this page …there’s nothing more pleasing like a one-on-one conversation. But since we don’t have this luxury here, I’ll give it a go anyhow.

They call me canucklehead07… a) I heart the Vancouver Canucks; b) I’m a knucklehead; c) 07 – fav number & month of my birth.

Most friends call me ‘monkey’ for my jubilant personalilty (and I guess ’cause I like eating bananas and jumping up and down…and I think I laugh like one too).

I’m a daughter, a best friend, a Canadian born & bred in the Kitsilano `hood of Vancouver, a student stuck in limbo (in third year limbo that is, for the past 2 years), a self-proclaimed hypochondriac with OCD & ADD (maybe, who knows), a hard-core Vancouver Canucks fan, a person who should be living in a bubble because of my various & tedious food allergies, a Twilighter, an aspiring Physiotherapist, part jock & part goofy closet ‘science’ nerd, and last – but not least – someone who loves to

I heart taking photos. I’m not a pro, but there isn’t a day where I don’t have my camera with me, albeit a crappy one. I use an Nikon Coolpix L19 digital camera . There is absolutely nothing fancy about it; just your basic point & shoot. I think it’s about time I get a new camera anyway seeing as how the sound in video mode is too sensitive. It picks up every sound and amplifies it x1000. It doesn’t sound nice during playback. This hurts me (and you) because I see a lot of shows/gigs/concerts and take lots of video. Oh well, I do what I can.

My friends call me a stalkerazzi; you will find out why soon enough. This helps when you live in Hollywood North — although, I’m still new at the game.

Things I love:
The Vancouver Canucks , Twilight (Wait, did I really say that out loud?), all things Vancouver & Canadian (such a patriot), playing tennis & basketball, The Simpsons, naps, Wii gaming, human anatomy, cheese & jam sandwiches, Jason Mraz, movies & music, sarcasm, strawberry Starbursts, the beach, friends & family……

Things I dislike:
Murses (aka man purses), hypocrites (even though we all are sometimes), fakers & posers, cacti, calculus, backstabbers, people who call my house after 10pm, waking up early, when you can’t get a song out of your head that’s been playing for days, smokers & smoking, people who drive way slower and faster than me, male-patterned baldness, moochers, people who don’t call you when they know they’re gonna be late or a no-show, spiders & all things creepy-crawly, drinking hot things (coffee/tea, hot water, soup)….

Funny how I have more dislikes than likes. Don’t worry, I’m not usually like this.

In the meantime, why don’t you stop learning about me and get on with the SHOW!

This is me.


2 responses to “All About Me

  • chic

    I am a mature respectful fan from Vancouver Island. I’d appreciate any hints you can give about the location of the hotel in your pics, but will understand if you can’t. As I only have a certain amount of time between ferries, any information you can give would be helpful in finding a respectful distance from which to observe the cast.


  • canucklehead07

    Sorry. Out of respect for the cast, I don’t give out ANY info regarding sets or their accommodations – no matter how obvious or well-known it is in Vancouver. All I have are photos, and that is the furthest I can help. Hope everyone can understand that.

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