2010 was the ‘ish


I’ve been too busy to update my blog, but better late than never, right?

We’re already halfway through January 2011 and I’m officially ready to let go of 2010. I’ve had some good times. 2010 was definitely one of the best years I’ve had; even out-doing 2009 which I thought was going to be unbeatable.

Most of the awesomeness brought on by 2010 was due to my hometown hosting the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. With most Canadians, especially Vancouverites, we experienced patriotism unlike anything before.




I had the best 2+ weeks of my life. Not only did I get to watch a ton of events (mostly hockey games) live, but I also had the privilege of working under contract for the Vancouver Canucks. I worked 16 shifts during the games and split my time between Canada Hockey Place (aka Rogers Arena) and UBC Thunderbird Arena. This resulted in me meeting new faces from around Canada and the world, including celebrities and athletes. I was a busy bee with my itinerary jam packed with work shifts and hang outs with friends. Like I said, best time ever.

More adventures ensued throughout the year. Of course, none of which could happen without the company of great friends. Below is just a glimpse of some random memories from last year…

Lunches (read: laughing attacks) with ApuTheFish at Ren. Café aka ATP Headquarters

  Experiencing Bard on the Beach for the 1st time ever
Meeting BSB’s AJ and Nick in person   Olive. Garden.
An ongoing quest to find the best poutine in Vancouver with TayloredMyPants   TayloredMyPants discovers her lust towards man-scented candles @ Ikea
Belle surprising ApuTheFish at YVR   Running into Alex Ovechkin @ Canada Hockey Place after one of Russia’s practices & me thinking, “Damn you’re ugly.”
Almost dying at Robson & Granville in a sea of red after Canada won hockey gold @ the Olympics   Belle & I getting yelled at in Spanish by random fans throughout the day when Spain won the World Cup. Us screaming “Yeah yeah!” cuz no habla español
Meeting Naturally 7 not once, but 4 times   “To have good _______ all the time.”
Throwing paper airplanes in the TASC II   Chilling with Squire Barnes
“Ka-chow!”   Ziplining across Robson Square with TayloredMyPants
Biking with Canucks’ owner Francesco Aquilini along the Seawall…. kind of   PFach. That is all.
Major wedgie attacks at Cultus Lake waterpark   <motions int’l sign for “Patrick Chan!”>
“Hi, I’m Prairie Cat. Also known as Cary Pratt!” (Belle & I laughing uncontrollably afterwards.)  

Furiously roaming around downtown with ApuTheFish & TayloredMyPants looking for potato skins

My second home: GM Place/Rogers Arena   DJ got me falling in love again!
Reggae Nights @ Republic   Puma mistaken English Bay for Spanish Banks
Nachos, nachos, and more nachos!   Belle & I nearly attacked by a Stanley Park raccoon
Working 16 unforgettable & awesome shifts during the Vancouver 2010 Olympic games  

Multiple visits to T&T for TayloredMyPants’ coconut buns

ApuTheFish getting slizzard @ Society   The Victoria cop I worked with during the Olympics who got my ears red and hot
“Neurth Van” adventures with Ivy  

Officially meeting Canada’s Boyfriend

Visiting the set of “Twilight” Jacob Black’s house with ApuTheFish and TayloredMyPants… and then driving them to ATP’s house  

A drunk, random concert-goer telling me I probably contracted Hepatitis after a band spat water into the crowd


Ayeesha, ApuTheFish, & TayloredMyPants surprising me with a birthday cake during our Whistler trip


Adventures with Hans Hans & Gunther Gunther


2010 memories02 


Peace out 2010. I miss you already, but I can’t wait for what 2011 has in store for me. So far, so good.


later days,



United State of Pop 2010 (Don’t Stop the Pop) — DJ Earworm


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