All I want for Christmas is you…

I’m only doing this because everyone’s been bugging me to do one. Whatever happened to being surprised on Christmas morning? Oh well. If it makes things easier, here goes…


wish list


6)  STERLING SILVER RINGS. Plain band, simple design.

5)  PLAID SHIRTS. I live in these. More flannel for the Winter would be nice (x 365; or enough to start a lumberjack wardrobe).

4)  CHOCOLATE FONDUE FOUNTAIN. It’s probably where I spend most of my time at in buffets.

3)  “THE DAY I (ALMOST) KILLED TWO GRETZKYS” BY JAMES DUTHIE. Instead of explaining why I want this book, read an excerpt here. The dude is hilarious.

2)  ROBERT DOWNEY JR. MOVIES. I need more RDJ flicks to add to my collection.

1)  CANUCKS MERCHANDISE. I probably didn’t even need to add this to the list. It’s an obvious option. Anything and everything will suffice (except those stupid pink made-for-girls NHL merchandise. Get me those and I will kill you).

I also accept gift cards and cash. HAH!


later days,



♪ [All I Want for Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey] ♪

One response to “All I want for Christmas is you…

  • nic876

    Duthie’s book is funny alright. It’s just a collection of his previously written articles, so it’s not really any new material, but I bought the Kindle version, so for $10 it was a good laugh.

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