Hello? Anybody Home?


Has it really been over a month since I blogged? I’ve been a terrible blogger lately. Can’t even keep up with my easy-peesy 30 Day Blog Challenge . For shame, I know. That’s the thing about me. I go through cycles of insane blogging everyday (even downloading the WordPress app on my iPhone so I can blog on the go) to extended periods of ‘blog-cations’.

It’s not completely my fault though. I have a problem with balancing my studies, social life, and blogging life. Nine times out of ten, I’d choose my social life over blogging. And by social life, I actually mean real social networking with real people I know and not just talking to randoms through my fingertips over the interw3bs. Crazy, huh?

So back to my schooling situation. I was hoping this Fall was going to be my “best semester ever” as I always express before each semester. But alas, that’s not going to happen… again. Nothing is going quite right and the fact that no one, not even I, know what’s going on in chem isn’t helping either.



Well, that’s my updated life from November until now. Nothing glamorous. Nothing exciting. The semester will be over in more than a week. Hopefully by then I will have more to blog about. But for now, I’ll just try to keep up with my 30 Day Challenge — even if it does take me another 60 days.


later days,



[Be Back Soon — Justin Nozuka]

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