09. Craftaholic

30 Day Blog Challenge
A photo of the item you last purchased.


Saturday was the grand opening of the Michaels store on West Broadway (located in the old London Drugs site).

I’ve been waiting for this day to arrive for a year now. Actually, my mom, who is even a bigger craftaholic than I am, jumped for joy when she saw the sign on the windows “Michaels opening Fall 2010” last year (I remember receiving a phone call from her when she was on her way to work in the morning).

“But Mila,” you ask, “Isn’t that just a tad bit crazy?” Trust me, no. Anyone who is crafty, artsy, or creative – even just a little bit – was looking forward to this day. And if that makes us crazy, then slap a tag on me and call me crazy.

Without a doubt, the two of us went down to the store for their grand opening. I’ve only been to a Michaels store once in my entire life, which was actually this summer all the way in the Boonies (aka Langley). For some reason, the Michaels stores are usually located in the most obscure and out of the way places like Langley and off a highway in Richmond. Which is why we were so thrilled that one was finally opening so near us. Anyway, even though my visit to the store in Langley was nothing special as it was just another regular day in that store, I was still very overwhelmed. It was just too much to take in one day. I felt like I was a kid with ADD; I kept getting distracted every aisle I perused by.

You can imagine just how overwhelmed I was during the grand opening. With hundreds of people in the store all at once, to mascots from various radio stations and organizations high fiving you, to free knick knacks and demonstrations about everything you can think of, it was pandemonium!




I had learned when I walked through the door that the check out line-up was approximately 40 minutes long. That totally turned me off and I had no desire to stick around. However, that feeling didn’t last long. The deeper I went into the store, the more I found myself picking things up and putting them in my basket. Of course, I was a gal on a mission and only picked things up I (somewhat) needed.

The sales were pretty good actually. I think my best find were the photo frames. I got two 12”x12” frames for $3.99 each (regular price $16.99!!!). At this rate you won’t be able to see the whites of my walls any longer.

If you haven’t checked the store out yet, I highly recommend it. I doubt the line-ups are still long (I only spent about 20 minutes in line) and I’m sure the crazy deals will still be on until the end of the week.


later days,



[Magic — B.o.B ft. Rivers Cuomo]

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