07. Walking on cloud 9

30 Day Blog Challenge
Your dream wedding.



Day 7 of this 30 day blog challenge was challenging to say the least. It’s not that I have never thought about my future wedding or that I don’t intend on getting married (we all know that I want to). Rather, I am one of those people who have been making plans since they were a little girl. This is why I was hesitant on even posting this challenge; I don’t want anyone stealing my ‘dream’ plans. I’ve had frenemies steal my plans before – so uncool.

I decided to post this challenge anyway because no matter which photos I post above someone will always steal one of my ideas. My ideas have evolved throughout my life. So maybe in a couple or five years time (or whenever the wedding will be, with whomever), my taste will change again.

I’ve left out minor details/photos except for the m&m’s gift bag and the disposable camera at the place sitting. We all know how much I love m&m’s. I read online that you can get them personalized, so that’s extra cool. The paparazzi in me loves the idea of placing a disposable camera at everyone’s seat. I would actually keep both those ideas; if not, just the camera.

The only thing I know is that I want a traditional, yet modern celebration. I can do without the fancy bells and whistles so long as if the people I care about are present. Besides, it doesn’t matter if someone steals my entire plan because NO ONE will steal my first dance song(s). I will never share that secret with the rest of you until the day of. Just remember, the boy is always replaceable, but the song(s) is already set in stone. 😉


later days,



[So High — John Legend]

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