01. Four-Zero

30 Day Blog Challenge
A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was.


WHAT TIME IS IT? It’s forty years!

Okay, so that wasn’t as funny now as it was earlier today. Whenever someone asked me for the time today, I pulled up my sleeve and I chanted, “It’s forty years!” Cheesy, I know. But, today marked the 40th anniversary of the first-ever Vancouver Canucks game! And I was at the home opener to kick-off our 40th season. Although the Canucks lost to the Kings, it was still a pretty special day. I don’t know if I was being extra emo today, but I almost teared up when the original captain, Orland Kurtenbach, ceremonially handed over captaincy to Henrik Sedin. I don’t even think I applauded right away. If I recall, I just stood there, smiling.

Speaking of standing and smiling (Queen of segues, right here), my friend celebrated her very much (6-week) belated 23rd birthday at Red Robin earlier today. If you’ve never been to Red Robin on someone’s birthday, I highly recommend you going especially if the birthday celebrant is clueless about Red Robin birthday protocol – it’s all quite embarrassing. They make the birthday guy or girl stand up on their chair as the staff sing their special birthday song to them. Meanwhile, all the other customers in the restaurant are gawking at you. Can you imagine this happening again in another forty years? I’d totally fall off my chair.

later days,


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