Day 41 to 43 – Whistler Adventures

Day 41 to 43, originally uploaded by canucklehead07.

Three of my friends and I went on a Whistler trip this past Sunday through Tuesday.

A near 24 years of my life and I can finally call myself a Vancouverite. It’s pretty sad that I’ve lived in Vancity all my life and this was my first trip to Whistler, no?

I took over 500 photos during the trip and in the end, I edited them down to almost 300. Most of the photos were of trees and mountains. Surprisingly, I’m not sick of nature yet; if anything, I have more appreciation for it.

Summer at Whistler is quite relaxing, everyone was very laid back (especially the staff… which actually angered me. But that’s another story for another day).

On our second day there, we did the Peak2Peak. I literally felt on top of the world when we got to the top of Whistler and Blackcomb mountains. Although it was summer, there was still snow on the peaks and was unbearably cold for most people.

Down back in the village, we spent most of the time eating, people-watching, walking around, and laying by the pool. It was scorching hot most of the days, except for a brief period early Monday morning. I always get a dark tan anytime and anyplace I go. But never in my life have I burned, until I went to Whistler.

My friends also surprised me with a birthday cake. It was five days too early, so I didn’t even know it was coming. Everyone was in on it except me of course. It was probably one of the best surprises I have ever experienced, especially the way they tried hiding it from me.

My first time at Whistler was fun and I hope to do it again. I still have more things on my to-do list: ziplining, river rafting, mountain/trail biking, and more.

Hopefully there will be more Whistler trips and vacations elsewhere with my people. Good times!

Memorable Whistler quotes:

“I like Andrea — she’s diversified. She can be hip hop with me and MySpace with Mila.” –Aisha on Andrea’s music taste

Mila & Sara: “What’s RCI?”
Aisha: “The peoples.”

Mila: “Dude, she stole your glasses!”
Sara: “I look better.”

Andrea: *whispers* “Psst. Mila. He’s hot.”
Mila: “I know. I’ve been staring this entire time.”

“Damn. He’s got a big…lens.” –Andrea

“AAH! There’s an animal on you!” –Aisha

Andrea wearing a Olympic Calgary ’88 jacket.
Tourist on gondola: “Fancy camera…and she’s wearing a jacket older than her.”
Mila: “Actually, no.”

Andrea in Olympic Calgary ’88 jacket; Mila in Olympic Canada hoodie.
Tourist: “Where are you ladies from?”
Mila: “We’re from here… Vancouver.”
Tourist: “Oh, I couldn’t tell……your jackets say you’re from different places.”
Mila: “Um. No.”

later days,


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