Bobby Long – The Hoochie Coochie Man




My first concert of Summer 2010 was none other than Bobby Long at the Backstage Lounge in Granville Island. It was my second time seeing Bobby and his second time appearing at the Vancouver venue. This year, ApuTheFish joined TayloredMyPants and I since she couldn’t make it last year. I also saw the usual peeps at the show: Lauren, RobbedMyHeart, MaliciousMandy, LadyDispatcher, and co.

Two bands were supposed to open for Bobby: He is We and Trouble Over Tokyo. Neither appeared and I never found out why. Instead, a singer/songwriter named Jess Cullen opened the show. Apparently, she also happened to be the Backstage Lounge’s cashier. Everyone was pretty chill while she performed. Most had dinner and drinks while we watched her. But as soon as Jess cleared the stage, the ambiance changed; everyone was eager for Bobby to come on.




Once again, just like last year, I was the first one to hit the floor by the stage. Bobby had a good turnout. But it definitely was not a huge turnout like last year’s show, and we all know why (Can’t remember? Refresh your memory Here).




Bobby started off with It’s Hard to Take and had around 20 songs lined up in his set list concluding with A Game We’re Playing (Videos of most of the songs are below). Most everyone on the dance floor was tuned in to Bobby and singing along. You could tell these fans were his dedicated ones. There was an exception of course – some random (drunken) accordion-playing old man in the crowd kept interrupting Bobby every time he interacted with us. Who let this guy in? I also found it funny how most of the audience sat down on the floor! I can definitely say this was the first concert I’ve ever been to where everyone was sitting on the ground. I wonder what Bobby thought of that.




This time around, Bobby stepped up his game. Last year, Bobby’s shyness and nervousness was obvious. It was different this time. He cut his hair, looked into the crowd more often, told hilarious stories in between each song (see: the Priceline Negotiator commercial, the Backstreet Boys, and the Toy Story with his nephew stories below). His interacting with the audience came with ease and it was nice to see him behave more comfortably.




Unfortunately, after the show, Bobby Long didn’t stay behind for a meet-and-greet with his fans like last year. He had to leave right away for a show down in the States. ApuTheFish was pretty upset. She missed him in Vancouver last year, so a few weeks later she went to see his gig in L.A. Regrettably, he didn’t do a meet-and-greet there either. So that’s twice ApuTheFish missed him. To make up for it last year, I asked Bobby to do a quick video message for her and he obliged. This year, when Bobby left the stage, I quickly went up to the stage and stole his set list. At least she can have something of his.




Without hesitation, I can easily say this show was Bobby’s better of the two. I hope he returns to Vancouver soon – If you haven’t already, maybe next time you can experience the awesomeness that is Bobby Long.



(Kudos to ApuTheFish, Lauren, and RobbedMyHeart for the videos.)


It’s Hard to Take
(filmed by Lauren)


Sad Woman Blues
(filmed by RobbedMyHeart)


In My Time of Dying & The Bounty of Mary Jane
(filmed by canucklehead07)


In the Frost
(filmed by Lauren)


Left to Lie
(filmed by ApuTheFish)


Sick Man Blues
(filmed by RobbedMyHeart)


That Little Place I Knew and the Priceline Negotiator story
(filmed by Lauren)


I Give Her Love and the Backstreet Boys story
(filmed by Lauren)


A Hundred Years From Today
(filmed by Lauren)


Who Have You Been Loving
(filmed by RobbedMyHeart)


My Darling Belle
(filmed by ApuTheFish)


Two Tone Lover
(filmed by Lauren)


Ending of Penance Fire Blues & Hoochie Coochie Man
(filmed by canucklehead07)


Two Years Old and Toy Story 3/nephew story
(filmed by canucklehead07)


The Borough Mill
(filmed by canucklehead07)


Dead and Done
(filmed by canucklehead07)


A Game We’re Playing and the Jay-Z story
(filmed by canucklehead07)



later days,


One response to “Bobby Long – The Hoochie Coochie Man

  • Lauren

    This is awesome! It was great seeing you again! The lead singer of He is We lost her voice and Trouble Over Tokyo didn’t have the right papers to get across the border, so that’s why they weren’t there. It’s too bad because they were both really good the night before in Seattle!

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