Dude, where is my Summer?!


Is it really the first day of summer? It sure doesn’t feel like it. This has probably been the coolest spring/summers I’ve felt in years. Last year I remember heading down to the beach or park nearly every single day starting in May. It’s nearing the end of June and we were lucky enough to even get a few full-days of sunshine and warmth.

The past couple of months was mediocre. Not that it was raining lots because it wasn’t; it was just grey and listless.

Sure we had some lovely, gorgeous days, but rarely did it hold up for the entire day. There were days that started out warm and sunny, then the clouds came to ruin our day. Other days started out cool and cloudy, then turned gorgeous (much like today as I am writing this). Then there are the days where we had the combo rain-sunshine.



Roughly everyday these past couple of months I would stare out the window before getting dressed for the day. It would take me at least five minutes just to decide what to wear for the day because the weather is so indecisive in the morning. I’m pretty sure I’ve yelled at the clouds like Grandpa Simpson (pictured above) on several occasions already. Make up your mind, Mother Nature!

Hopefully the weather we’ve been having isn’t any indication of what Summer 2010 is supposed to be because I will go insane if it doesn’t get any better.

I’m sick of clouds
I’m sick of grey skies…
I’m sick of my plans being ruined…
I’m sick of not being able to wear shorts, tanks, skirts, flip flops…
I’m sick of shaking my fist in disdain at the sky…
I’m sick of complaining.

Let me have my summer back. Please.


[Steal My Sunshine – Len]



later days,


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