Justin Nozuka: Live @ HMV


Yesterday, Justin Nozuka came to the HMV in downtown Vancouver to promote his newest album “You I Wind Land And Sea”. He played a 6-song acoustic set (see videos below) with band member Mark Pellizzer.

Word spread quickly over on Twitter and Facebook that Justin would be playing a free show at noon. Unfortunately, I didn’t purchase tickets to see his show at the Malkin Bowl where he would open for Xavier Rudd later that evening. So, I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity for the world, despite the fact I was supposed to have lecture during his performance. (Yes, Justin, I skipped class for you.)

Since most people were probably at school and work, it wasn’t too crowded. There were about 20-30 people that came to see Justin (though there seemed to be a lot more people during the autograph session). This was nice as it felt intimate like he was performing for you, and you only. It was fun watching all the people walk by outside as they looked in trying to figure out what was going on (and why there was a crowd of people inside the record store).

The crowd was really tame. More tame than I am used to. I was singing along, but not too loud as I didn’t want my camera picking up my voice. However, as I looked around, I didn’t really see anyone else singing along. Most were just staring at him, and others were typing on their phones, I’m assuming tweeting. I don’t know if they didn’t know the words or they were just shy.

After Justin and Mark finished their set, they moved to the side for an autograph signing. I bought his album and got him to sign it. As usual Justin was cool, calm, and very zen-like. TayloredMyPants and I took photos with him. We reminded him that we met him late last year when Sam Bradley opened for him at the Commodore.

It was awesome seeing Justin again. If you ever get a chance to see him live, DO IT. Hearing him live is a whole ‘nother experience.

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Love — Justin Nozuka live @ HMV
(filmed by canucklehead07)

Golden Train — Justin Nozuka live @ HMV
(filmed by RobbedMyHeart)

Be Back Soon — Justin Nozuka live @ HMV
(filmed by canucklehead07)

Unwoken Dream (King With Everything) — Justin Nozuka live @ HMV
(filmed by RobbedMyHeart)

After Tonight — Justin Nozuka live @ HMV
(filmed by canucklehead07)

Heartless — Justin Nozuka live @ HMV
(filmed by canucklehead07)

later days,


2 responses to “Justin Nozuka: Live @ HMV

  • Sara

    So lucky!! I wanted to go see him so bad, but I left the house too late 😦 Saw him at Malkin Bowl though, it seemed everyone else was there to see Xavier Rudd, but I would rather have listened to Justin for the entire span of the concert.

  • Janz

    Wow, you took great pictures! :]
    He was incredible live. I think even better than in studio! The passion and emotion of his voice really was so beautiful, especially during “Heartless” 🙂

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