365 Day Challenge

Starting June 1st, I will be embarking on a 365 day photographic challenge.

Why now and not January 1st you ask? Well, as we all have noticed, my blog has been slacking on updates. Back in January, I’ve been producing at least two entries a week which is just about how much I wanted to blog when I started this thing. However, along the way I got too busy, too lazy, or just plain forgot my blog existed. I mean, what happened in March?! Who knows.

I bring my crummy camera everywhere I go — and I mean EVERYWHERE. So why not do something with it and show it off? Using my camera everyday will hopefully make me a better photographer (even with my camera’s limitations), learning how to use all its functions. By forcing myself to take a photo each day, it will help me be more creative since I have to come up with something new everyday.

Keeping a year long photoblog is a good way to document my adventures (or non-adventures) and recall all the people I’ve met, food I’ve eaten, and things I’ve seen and learned.

My goal is to take at least one photo per day, attached with a story. I know there will be days where I will have nothing fascinating to take photos of and that will be the most challenging. But I think that is what makes this project the most interesting.

So, tomorrow is day 01. Please encourage me. If I forget to post, hassle me. I’m looking forward to this. Who knows — it may turn into something spectacular.

later days,


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