Vancouver Twilight Convention: My adventure with Peter Facinelli

***WARNING: I apologize in advance for my idiotic, fangirl-like behaviour. I’m not normally like this….I think.***


Okay, so it’s time to admit it… finally. This past Sunday I attended the Official TWILIGHT Convention Tour. I wasn’t going to attend the three-day event, but when I found out Peter Facinelli (Twilight’s Dr. Carlisle Cullen & Nurse Jackie’s Dr. Fitch Cooper) was attending the Vancouver convention, my presence was a necessity. Saying I have a crush on this man would be an understatement; and everyone who knows me would tend to agree.

None of my friends wanted to accompany me to the convention, so I was having second thoughts. Supplementary to my poor college student’s budget, the idea of me meeting Peter Facinelli was slimming by the day.

After months of being sullen and forlorn, one of my best buddies, ApuTheFish, came to the rescue and got me an early birthday present. Probably knowing I will forever be depressed for not meeting the PFach, she got me an admission ticket for just the Sunday event and a photo-op ticket. I can honestly say it was one of the best – if not the best – birthday gifts I have ever received (as per my story below). (Thanks dude.)

I was still flying solo to the convention, but I wasn’t too worried this time as I knew my Twitter peeps (my Tweeps… lol, yes, I’m a dork) would be there. I got to the Sheraton Wall Centre at around 10:30am and met up with Mandy and Marnie. They directed me to the main convention area before leaving to do their own thang.
Also shout-outs to @vampiremonkey99, @RobbedMyHeart, & @nucksgrl !!!!!

In the first room, vendor tables were set up. Tables of Twilight merch ranging from photos, t-shirts, Twi-makeup, and other random Twi-stuff could be purchased (even some stuff for as little as $5). I decided not to get anything.


I proceeded to explore the main ballroom where the guests would handle the fans’ Q&A. Hundreds of chairs, row-by-row, lined the room in front of a black stage. Behind the stage draped black curtains and flanked on both ends stood two giant video screens. Against one of the walls, more than a dozen people formed a line. I checked to see what was up and saw that Catherine Hardwicke, the director of the first instalment of the Twilight Saga movies, was signing autographs for those with autograph tickets.

By around noon, our hosts from the Hillywood Show opened the day with their New Moon parody.

010 012011

Later, director Catherine Hardwicke took the stage for some Q&A with the audience. She was sweet and told some amazing stories revealing the low-down behind-the-scenes on Twilight and some of the cast. She also talked about her past and future projects.

I tried taking some pictures of Catherine, but as we all know, I have the crummiest camera in the history of digital cameras. So most of my photos turned out grainy. Sorry =(

013014015 016017018 019020021 022023

Following the Q&A session with Catherine, a live auction of merchandise from Twilight and other movies and TV shows excited the entire room. I desperately wanted the signed Peter Facinelli banner, but someone put a $250 bid on it. Yeah…  no thanks. The last auctioned item of the day was the only autographed photo of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Someone took it home for a mind-boggling $675. Nuts, I say!

After another New Moon parody, it was time for Peter Facinelli to take the stage. Every second that neared his appearance, my heart beat raced faster and faster. PFach popped out from behind the curtains, I screamed, and almost died. LOL.

He introduced himself (as if he needed any introduction) and said that he’s going to try to answer some of our questions. A girl screeched, “WHY ARE YOU SO HOT?!” I swear it wasn’t me, though I wished I wasn’t dumbfounded, but quick-witted enough at the time to speak up. Peter blushed, turned away, and sat in his chair.

Now, I would tell you what Peter’s Q&A consisted of, but my memory is in a bit of a haze, especially since all I could do is ogle at the man. However, Malicious Mandy’s Mind summarized Peter’s Q&A pretty attentively. So click HERE to read the Q&A session… AFTER you’ve finished reading my story of course. 😉

I wanted to ask Peter to hug me. But someone beat me to it. Soon after, a bunch of girls asked Peter for hugs. Even @vampiremonkey99 raised her hand to tell him to give me a hug – and she was on the other side of the room! Unfortunately, he never got to me before the hosts told him he couldn’t hug anymore people.

Again, I tried getting hundreds of photos of PFach, but of course with the combination of poor lighting and my bad camera, my photos are lame. I tried.

027a 028 029 030 032 034 035 038 039 041 046 052 055 057 058 059 060 062 066 067 070 074 078 080 090 092 098 100

However, a little girl beside me asked Peter a question. He came over to put the microphone to her face. At this point, Peter was less than two feet away from me. It took all of my will and might to restrain myself from doing something stupid – like pouncing on him. Don’t worry, I’m good. I did the next best thing and snapped some photos (as I gawked), which turned out pretty well.

104105106107109110111112 113114

Peter was a great sport and was very generous with his time. Even after the hosts told him to stop answering questions he would run through the audience repeating “Okay, wait, just two more questions… just two more.” He did this several times.

Already behind schedule, @RobbedMyHeart and I went upstairs to where the photo-op would take place. It was a very long line up, but it wouldn’t take too long to take our one professional photo with Peter because everyone only gets 10-16 seconds. Basically, you’re supposed to go up to Peter, take your photo, and leave. That’s what I was told and that is what happened with (most of) the people lined up in front of me.

When I reached near the front of the line, my heart started racing again and I was almost having the shakes. It was finally my turn. I walked up to Peter with a cheesy, gleeful smile on my face and said to Peter like a dork, “Hi, Peter!! I think I’m gonna cry!!” He grabbed me as I stood on his right side. He consoled me and said, “Aw no… don’t cry! If you cry, I’ll cry.” He then proceeds to RUB my right shoulder. That’s right, I said rub. I didn’t know what to say, so I just faced the camera and smiled. Without thinking, I put my left arm around his back and my right hand on his belly. Let me just say: HOLY ABS, BATMAN! My hand “accidentally” slipped and felt each and every ridge. Yeah.

I was going to leave immediately since we were supposed to. But Peter held out his right hand to @RobbedMyHeart and his left hand to the camera guy halting, “Wait, wait, wait… I wanna see this picture.” He goes up to the photographer and the both of us look at our picture. I couldn’t remember what Peter said exactly. It was probably, “Good picture” or “that’s nice” or something of the sort. But like a bumbling idiot like I was at the time all I could say was “Haha. Okay. Thanks, Peter. Bye.” I grabbed my purse, waited for @RobbedMyHeart, and left.

UPDATED: JULY 22nd, 2010

My photo with PFach finally arrived in the mail a couple of days ago. I’m laughing hysterically as I’m looking back on this. I look way too giddy and psycho here. This isn’t the ‘normal’ me. FYI, this picture just reminds me that I can still feel every ridge of his abs on the palm of my hand. (OK, that just sounded creepy.)


Apologies again for my idiotic behaviour. I didn’t think I would react so fangirl-ish. Oy.

Anyway, @RobbedMyHeart and I waited outside the photo-op room for a while because we knew Peter would be done soon. He finally came out of the room, and though I was far away, I managed to snap a photo. Though that picture came out grainy and unfocused you could totally see that PFach was looking at me/my camera. I hope it’s not because I scared him off earlier. hehe.


After the photo-op, I was more than elated and content enough to miss Cameron Bright’s (Alec in New Moon) Q&A session. Now, I kind of regret missing Cameron’s session, but in retrospect I was too in a flutter and I just had to go home.

Again, apologies for my fangirl behaviour. haha.

Above all, I had the best time of my life with one of my best birthday presents ever!

The day I met Peter Facinelli is a day I will never forget.

Thanks for reading!

later days,


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