Canucks Day in VanCity

Mayor Gregor Robertson and the Vancouver City Council declared Tuesday, April 27th as “Canucks Day”.

Hundreds of fans dressed in their best Canucks colours gathered at City Hall on Tuesday at noon to witness the official proclamation and the raising of the Vancouver Canucks flag. Also present at the ceremony were a handful of city councilors, Francesco Aquilini, GM Mike Gillis, Victor de Bonis, Canucks mascot Fin, and a surprise appearance by the Green Men.

Most people felt that it was too early to proclaim Canucks Day, and instead Canucks Day should only be declared if when the Canucks win the Stanley Cup.

Personally, I believe every day is Canucks Day. There is no need for a proclamation to tell me to bleed blue.  🙂



Canucks Recognition Day

(Video by @ApuTheFish)

The Green Men vs. Mayor Gregor Robertson

(Video by @canucklehead07)


Video Credits: @ApuTheFish & @canucklehead07
Photo Credit: @canucklehead07

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