I can be a tourist, too!


So just when most about everything closed down at 11:00pm one night last week, my friend decided to explore downtown.

Though it was late night with exhibits, plazas, and most stores and some restaurants already closed, the streets were buzzing with people. We couldn’t decide on whether it was due to the usual Friday-night club goers or the fact that tourists are already here flocking in left and right.

We settled on the latter. With that, we pretended to be tourists as well, taking photos of nearly everything we passed by and asking fellow tourists to take photos of us. I even attempted to go about the night faking being a foreigner who couldn’t speak English. I failed after five minutes – it’s hard!

Only scoping out two places, Robson Square and the Granville St. strip, we spent nearly an hour just taking photos and loitering.

Robson Square

Robson Square
ice rink

Take a photo or create a video message at Robson Square

Granville St. lanterns

(located on Granville Street between Robson St. & Georgia St.)



Granville Street strip


Largest Canadian flag ever made

(Wrapped around the Georgia Hotel on the corner of Georgia St. & Hornby St.)



02 days, 00 hours, 21 minutes



Photos source: @canucklehead07

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