Hi World, Welcome to Vancouver!


As most of you have been noticing, more and more of my blog posts have been centered around the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. For the next 17 days, I plan to focus mostly – if not all – on blogging about the Olympics.

Since the Olympics are in my hometown, I will be living and breathing in the festivities. Not only will I be checking out the free events, but I am scheduled to volunteer 16 shifts at UBC Thunderbird and Canada Hockey Place (aka GM Place). And well, you know what that means – HOCKEY COVERAGE!

I have already planned my itinerary for the next 2+ weeks. It is jam packed with activities and work. Basically, the only time I will be home is to blog about my day at the end of the night and for sleep – and I don’t think I will be getting much of the latter.

So stay tuned for more Olympic blogging!

UPDATE (Feb 19th, 2010):
Due to a computer virus, I am computer and internet-less until further notice; hence the lack in blogging. When I get this fixed, I will have tons of stories, photos, and videos up and running!
Sorry. 🙂


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