BooBoo Stewart Meet & Greet

Saturday afternoon, hundreds of Twilight fans packed Metropolis @ Metrotown in Burnaby, BC to meet BooBoo Stewart — Seth Clearwater in the next installment of The Twilight Saga film franchise, Eclipse.

It was great to see a huge turnout for the young actor/musician who recently turned 16 years old. I, myself, felt pretty old standing amongst the “children” in line-up (most, being twice their age!). Thankfully, @RobbedMyHeart was with me and we had fun trying to hide from paparazzi cameras hoping not to be caught.

Sometime during the first 15 minutes of the meet-and-greet, a bunch of tweens sang “Happy Birthday” to Stewart. Soon, the whole line-up joined in. Stuffed animals, candies, and cards quickly piled up in the corner of Stewart’s table as birthday gifts from his many fans.

It was funny seeing the passersby gawk at posters surrounding the ropes and going “Who the heck is BooBoo?” Well, soon enough you’ll see, and you’ll be sorry you never met him!

Are you compatible with BooBoo? Find out now! LOL.

After waiting a little over one hour in line, @RobbedMyHeart and I were finally able to meet Stewart. While the hundreds of tween girls were eager to give Stewart a big ol’ hug, I refused to. Instead, I flashed him a big smile, gave him a firm handshake, and wished him a happy birthday. The age difference is too great. And after seeing the posters of him at the mall — I didn’t feel like hugging him. Sure, this guy’s a cutie and his abs are majorly chiseled, but looking at those posters of his near-naked self made me feel a tad on the pervy side (especially at how the twelve-year-olds were drooling). I dunno, maybe that’s just me. Nonetheless, @RobbedMyHeart and I had a good laugh about it.

The meet-and-greet was made possible by The George Caceres Foundation. This was supposed to be a charity event, but we were not asked for donations nor were there any banners supporting the foundation that I could see. I am not too sure what the aim of Saturday’s event was, but you can visit The George Caceres Foundation website by clicking HERE for more information.

(Photos courtesy of @canucklehead07 & @RobbedMyHeart)

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