TWILIGHT Monster Mash


With oodles of coursework and exams coming out of my wazoo for this week (*cough*Nerd!*cough*), I was not able to get a chance to celebrate Halloween with a bang. However, I tried to make the best of it anyway.


As usual, I carved my pumpkins.



And of course, as a huge Canucks fan, I thought I’d give carving a Canucks pumpkin a go.



This was my first time carving a Canucks logo pumpkin. I did not use a stencil (this was all from memory) and the only tool I had was a steak knife. Not too shabby for winging it, I think.





I also decorated the walkway to my front door.



Of course, I needed a helper to hand out all the treats since I was knee deep in my work. Who better to help out than my ratty 20-year old bear, JR?



Since it was Halloween, he suited up in his Canucks gear (circa 2006).

The trick-or-treaters who were 5 years old and younger were hilarious! They couldn’t take their eyes off of JR. They couldn’t even open up their treat bags because they were too enthralled into this bear. When their parents beckoned them to leave, they wouldn’t budge. Yes, JR puts everyone into a trance.



Two large bags of lollipops, one box of Hershey bars, one box of Nestle Favourites, one bag of Butterfingers, and three bags of Maynards candy later, I called it a night.


With about 80 trick-or-treaters coming through within the first two hours, it was probably my 2nd busiest Halloween ever.

We’re not stingy over here folks! Want boatloads of candy? Come to my house next year!





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