MOVIE REVIEW: All About Steve

All About Steve (2009)

Director: Phil Traill
Writer: Kim Barker

Sandra Bullock . . . Mary Horowitz
Bradley Cooper . . . Steve
Thomas Haden Church . . . Hartman
Ken Jeong . . . Angus
DJ Qualls . . . Howard
Keith David . . . Corbitt
Howard Hesseman . . . Mr. Horowitz
Beth Grant . . . Mrs. Horowitz
Katy Mixon . . . Elizabeth

Bullock’s Marry Horowitz is a cruciverbalist – a crossword puzzle constructor. Her brain spins at warp speed with an endless stream of arcane information. She can come up with the perfect word – and dozens with the same meaning – at a moment’s notice, but “normal” behaviour eludes her.

Take, for example, the fact that she lives with eccentric parents Or her inability to engage in social intercourse without dropping a litany of twenty-dollar words and unleashing tsunami of trivia. Then, there’s the matter of her omnipresent fire-engine-red go-go boots.

For Mary, nothing is typical, especially relationships. When she is set up on a blind date with handsome cable-news cameraman Steve, Mary thinks the chemistry is undeniable – that Steve is “the one.” Steve, on the other hand, thinks Mary is crazy. Mary, who just knows she’s found her soul mate, decides to do anything and go anywhere to be with him. She begins to pursue Steve relentlessly as he crisscrosses the country, covering breaking news stories.

Mary’s escalating infatuation with Steve, is encourage by the self-serving actions of news reporter Hartman Hughs (Chruch), who enjoys torturing his insolent cameraman at every opportunity. With Mary never far behind and Hartman urging her on, Steve becomes increasingly unhinged.

But when Mary becomes embroiled in the news story of the year, Steve and Hartman begin to see her differently. Hartman is plagued by guilt, knowing his game of one-upmanship with Steve has placed her squarely in harms way, while Steve is feeling his own pangs of remorse at his callous behavious. Despite the media sotrm surrounding her, Mary with her upbeat, unaffected manner brings together a small community of new friends. And all who encounter Mary will realize that sometimes the ones who don’t fit in are the ones who really stand out.

– Official synopsis from the All About Steve website

***May contain spoilers.***

After seeing and enjoying both Sandra Bullock’s (The Proposal) and Bradley Cooper’s (The Hangover) hit summer flicks of `09, it was inevitable that I was going to see All About Steve which stars the pair of them on the same screen.

And I mean, please… it’s BRADLEY. & COOPER. Need I say more?

On Saturday, with nothing better to do, TayloredMyPants and I watched All About Steve after getting intrigued while watching the trailer (and also because I kept professing my love for Bradley Cooper to her day-after-day).

We wanted to watch the afternoon showing but when we arrived it was nearly sold-out. There was no way we were going to sit up front with our necks creaking. So we bought our tickets for the evening show, wandered around downtown for another three hours, and came back.

When we found our seats in the theater, there were only about 14 other people with us (in a theater which could sit about 200 patrons). I was kind of shocked. But then again, we were 20 minutes early. As the start time neared, more and more people started finding their seats. Soon enough the theater was completely filled – even the front rows.

We knew going into the movie that this was probably going to be a “dumb” movie… nothing’s wrong with that though; it’s what we came for.

The movie promos advertises itself as a “romantic-comedy”. A chick flick, if you will. It was not, however. All About Steve has a mix of almost all genres, but mostly, it’s a straight-out comedy for every man, woman, and child (ok, forget I said that… not for the children… can’t stress that enough).

There was not a moment that I did not enjoy myself. If I was not laughing out loud, I was smiling or giggling reminiscing about the previous scene that just happened 5 seconds ago.

Most everyone else in the theater seemed to agree with me. If I wasn’t laughing hard enough, the other movie-goers’ infectious laughter festered me with even more out-loud laughter.

There was also a “horror” scene that got the entire theater startled in their skivvies. (Sorry, TayloredMyPants for leaping on you. I can’t help being scared. LOL.)

The storyline moved a long pretty smoothly and did not drag on for even a minute. Every moment was told perfectly.

The acting by Bullock and Cooper was outstanding (for a stupid comedy). As well, the supporting actors held the cast befittingly.

Despite the silliness, there are lessons learned. More so that at the end you won’t want to kill Mary (Bullock) for being the most annoying person you’ve ever met in your life. For a comedy, the movie represents a lot about the real slice of life. The characters learn self-discovery and so do the viewers about themselves.

All About Steve is a sweet and genuine comedy which you will sure enjoy.

canucklehead07’s rating: 4.5/5 stars


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