CONCERT REVIEW: Runnin’ with Bobby Long

Labour Day, Monday, was the night Bobby Long finally made it to the Backstage Lounge in Vancouver. It was the concert TayloredMyPants and I have been waiting for for almost the entire summer.

Tickets were sold out, so we figured we would arrive at the BSL early before the crowd comes. We started the evening by having dinner and drinks there at 8pm. By 10pm, the show was supposed to start, but the dance floor was still pretty barren. We thought it was going to be super packed. But, it wasn’t. At 10:15pm, we decided to find a spot somewhere on the dance floor. Still no one started crowding around. After minutes of waiting in the middle of the dance floor, I approached the foot of the stage. Once I did so, everyone else started following suit. Who knew I was everyone’s leader? LOL.

TayloredMyPants and I parked ourselves right up to the stage, just a few inches off to the left of the microphone. There was a wide gap dead in front of the stage. We joked that that spot was reserved for our friend ‘Apu’ who wished she could be here, but is still stuck in Malaysia on vacation. As I peered over my right shoulder, I noticed a familiar face at a table. I then realized it was @RobbedMyHeart! It was our first time meeting each other. So good to finally putting a face to the name.

After a couple of minutes of more waiting, Bobby Long finally ran up on stage. I didn’t even notice him come by us, nor did anyone else since no one really clapped until they realized it was actually Bobby that was on stage.

He wore a dark grey with white plaid buttoned shirt. His bangs are just as long as I’ve seen through pictures online. hehe.

A total of around 18 songs were performed including a couple of cover songs. He started the show with The Rattle and Roll and concluded with Dead and Done.

See some of the songs below in video. Sorry for the poor sound quality though. (Best watched with the volume on low.) As I’ve said, I was right at the foot of the stage on top of the speakers. Probably should not have done that.

During the middle of the show, TayloredMyPants directed me to look behind us. I observed that there were many gaps on the dance floor which was once occupied by the patrons. We later learned that Twilight Saga actors Rob Pattinson (who is also best friends with Bobby), Kristen Stewart, Elizabeth Reaser, Nikki Reed (and Nikki’s bf Paris Latsis) attended Bobby’s show as well. That explained all the gaps. All the TwiHards that were present during the beginning of the concert had left to attack the TwiCast. It was mere and utter chaos. Classy Vancouver, very classy.

Let me just say to all you people who flocked over to the TwiCast…. Thank you. Thank you for taking the spotlight off of Bobby. Well done guys.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I was being sarcastic.

Y’all should feel ashamed of yourselves. Do you know what Bobby did when he ended his last song? He stormed off the stage! Probably too see his best friend and to check why half the people left his show early. I would have been pissed too.

Now, let me just say that I am a huge Twilight fan as much as the next person. But leave the cast alone! Especially when they’re trying to enjoy themselves. I understand that they’re hot and beautiful, but there is no need to attack them. What’s wrong with looking at them from afar? Just leave it to the professional (non-harassing) photographers so that they can do their job without the hassle from the fans.

This same message actually goes out to the dirty LA rats and the autograph hounds, as well. Please, leave your filthy business out of my town; we don’t need you guys here.

If some of you are on Twitter, you may have noticed some drama and controversy between @PUNKD_Images and a “moron” (a ‘Canadian’ autograph hound). I was going to keep this news all to myself, but I can’t hide it any longer… especially when it comes to liars. After the show, I waited outside the BSL at the docks for my ride. The “moron” and another photog (whom I’ve never seen prior to the show) were outside discussing what went down during the barrage of fans crowding the TwiCast when they were leaving in their cabs. They talked about the “calling-KStew-a-‘bitch'” incident. At first saying Mandy and Erin was at the scene; Erin screaming “Bitch”. No she did not. I know because I actually saw her inside when I was in the long line-up to meet Bobby. After more laughter, the “morons” then they said it was PunkD. Fabricating their lies, they started making fun and bashing interchanging names between “PunkD” and “Ken”. Little do they know who they were dealing with. Lies people, lies. I’m confessing this because I want to clear PunkD’s name; he (nor the company) deserves this. Oh, and for all you liars out there: if you’re going to concoct lies, make sure no one else is around you to hear your plans.

Believe it or not, I came to the show to see Bobby Long. Shocking, eh? I love his music. And that voice. Mmm, mm. If the TwiCast so happened to be in the same vicinity that I was in, then that’s just a bonus. Wow, cool, awesome. I don’t have a problem with fans luckily bumping into them (like I have a few times… especially during the good ol’ days when New Moon was being filmed), but I do have a problem when you’re attacking them.

I don’t even know why I have to even address this issue.

Oh, and one more thing: Rob is not Edward. What?! You didn’t know?

Wow, OK, I got carried away. Sorry, but I had to. Now, back to the topic at hand…. Bobby Long.

Despite the drama, the show was amazing. He sang all the songs I expected him to sing. He told a couple of stories. Interacted with the crowd a bit. He still appeared very, very shy. At this stage of his career, I don’t see why he should still be shy. But, what do I know, I don’t perform in front of people for a living.

Before going home, TayloredMyPants and I waited at the merch table to talk with him one-on-one. We weren’t allowed to take individual photos with him, but we still managed to sneak a few shots of each other while we chatted with him and got our CD’s signed.

One of the best things I did this year was get Sam Bradley to kiss TayloredMyPants (it was quite dramatic – in the most romantic, rugged, and good way – I must say). So this time, I thought I’d do the next best thing at the Bobby Long show since our friend Apu couldn’t attend. I told Bobby about her still being stuck in Malaysia, so I recorded a video greeting of him for her. Basically, he said that he’s sorry she couldn’t make it and that he wishes her a safe flight back home to Vancouver and hopefully they’ll see each other next time. What a sweet guy, eh? It was too cute. Love it.

The Bobby Long show was just incredible. I can’t wait to see him again… someday.


(Clicking on a thumbnail will open an enlarged photo in a new window or tab.)

The Bounty of Mary Jane – Bobby Long live in Vancouver

Two Years Old – Bobby Long live in Vancouver

Dancers Dance into the Night – Bobby Long live in Vancouver

(Only half of the song as memory card #1 was filled.)

Penance Fire Blues – Bobby Long live in Vancouver

Dead and Done – Bobby Long live in Vancouver

Please do not use any of the above resources or excerpts without permission. Thank you.


8 responses to “CONCERT REVIEW: Runnin’ with Bobby Long

  • MaliciousMandy

    LMAO – Erin was hammered and half passed out on the patio of BSL and I was there and I did hear the autographer’s gf or wife or whoever call KStew a bitch – I have since been told she shouted this because Kristen has repeatedly refused to sign autographs for her – fine…. but calling her a bitch for it…. and in a crowd of twi-hards…. poor decision making skills IMO!!!

    The show was good – I was in and out of the venue all night because it was so friggin’ hot…. (I was the one who turned the giant fan on beside the stage shhhhh LOL)

    I am impressed Twi Fans didn’t bother the cast – they let them enjoy the show…. sadly afterwards (when the cast left the mostly paparazzi free venue) there was the chaotic taxi ordeal….

    sorry i didn’t meet you but will see you 100 monkeys for sure – find me i want to meet you!!!!

  • TayloredMyPants

    Wow, you let them ’em it didn’t you. I’m so sick of all this drama- psychotic twihards, dirrrrtty papz, and twitter hate. And yes, i too remember the peace during New Moon filming- esp being able to run into Taylor Lautner on the street (mmmmm…) without being shoved aside by bodyguards and the papz just taking pics from a distance. I miss that. And i guess those are now the good ole days cause there’s no doubt that it’s about to get even worse as Eclipse continues and again with Breaking Dawn.

    Oh and p.s. Bobby Long was awesome!

    And p.p.s I CANT BELIEVE YOU SHARED MY SAM BRADLEY EXPERIENCE WITH THE WORLD… “romantic and rugged”… thanks a lot!!!

  • canadagraphs

    For the mostpart, decent blog…ABOUT THE SHOW.

    Your part on the happenings of the KStew bitch comment of course is dreadfully inaccurate.
    I posted a blog on my site explaining why & how you were wrong. Maybe take a look at it. Its a good life lesson.

    Sincerely, Canadagraphs

    PS- and I realize you will most likely take this down anyways….since you probably wont face your critics like I do. But the screencap of the reply posted will at lease be my verification I replied to your claims.

  • canucklehead07

    No, no, I am leaving your reply up here. Thank you for your quick response.

    I read your blog post.

    Firstly, if I got paid, where is this money you speak of? There’s still a big goose egg in my bank account. Pfft. I am not endorsing anyone.

    Secondly, I do not “dislike” you, nor am I calling you a moron per se. I used the term “moron” as that is what ‘others’ were calling you and I didn’t want to reveal your Twitter identity.

    Thirdly, what reputation?

    mm….that’s all I got… for now.

    Have a good evening.


  • canadagraphs

    Hello again. Glad to see you are willing to face my post.

    Sorry if my blog seemed overly harsh at times. It was more pointed towards the person your cheerleading for & how he keeps getting people to fight his battles for him. You just were caught in the crossfire.

    I never said you got paid. I said you SHOULD have got paid for being his cheerleader/parrot/whatever. Your blog WAS infact an endorsement of him. Lately you have been treating him godlike on twitter. You clearly have some type of infatuation with him, to the point of blogging about a drea you had recently where he got you backstage to the show in question. Sorry if I am having trouble seeing how you are his cheerleader.

    Secondly. again, the repeating a PI term for me from twitter does make you his parrot/cheerleader. Would you not agree? But that aside, I guess putting it in parenthesis does absolve you some from actually saying it. it does show you are quoting others.

    Thirdly. Everyone has a reputation…MOST people think theirs is good. Dont you? Arent you a bit disappointed or upset that it was called into question? Perhaps you arent concerned? Foolish of me to assume I guess…but then again this all started because of assumptions 😉

    See you around.

  • canucklehead07


    First of all, the dream has nothing to do with an infatuation… nor is there an infatuation. Ew. I don’t even know what the dude looks like. Dreams are just dreams and anyone who knows me personally knows that my dreams are always random. That’s all.

    And for the record, if YOU were getting bashed or whatever behind your back (& no one believed you) and there was absolutely no one around to hear it but me, I would have backed you up. Just saying.

    Cool beans?

    I’m done. Laters.

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