You know you’re too obsessed…

…when you have Twilight-related dreams almost every night.

Ever since TayloredMyPants got me a dream-catcher from her Alaska trip months ago, my dreams have been getting more vivid, realistic, and Twilight-related.

Last night’s dream was too personal – yet, awesome – so I can’t share it with you guys. LOL.
However, I’ll share with y’all my dream from two nights ago. A brawl between my two friends – Apu and TayloredMyPants – triggered this dream. Basically, Apu is overseas at the moment, and she returns to vancity two days after the Bobby Long concert. Apu is more-or-less jealous that we get to see BLong and is pretty pissed that she has to miss him. She tells us that she thinks about him everyday. hahaha.

Anyway, here’s how the dream went down *cue eerie X-Files themed music*……

TayloredMyPants and I were eagerly waiting for Bobby Long front and center of the stage. We figured no one’s gonna get in our way since we’re right up front. An hour after waiting for BLong, he finally walks on stage… the swagger that boy has… whoo. Well, once he got on stage, the crowd went wild, next thing we knew we were getting shoved from our primo spots by none other than *drumroll* MANDY (aka @maliciousmandy1) and her entourage of 15 other ladies!

There were so many of them that we got thrusted to the side of the stage where all the photographers and paparazzi laid grounds. TayloredMyPants was pissed and was going to throw down some fisticuffs, but couldn’t do it. Not in front of Bobby Long of course. To keep myself entertained (since I couldn’t even see BLong from my POV), I asked the paparazzi which companies they worked for. Most of them were LA rats.

Then one bald, asian guy in his thirties answered, “Have you heard of PUNKD Images? That’s my company.”

I started freaking out and asked if he was the dude who tweets. After getting acknowledgment from him, I introduced myself to him hoping he’d know who I was via Twitter.

Without hesitation he asked TayloredMyPants and I if we wanted to join him backstage after the show while he does his photo shoot with BLong. Pfft, of course we went.

Backstage, we saw BLong in all his glory… sweat and all. TayloredMyPants couldn’t even breathe so I had to do all the talking for the both of us. I told him the situation our friend Apu was in. Feeling horrible, he asked for her cell number and called her. She didn’t answer because of the different timezones, so he left a message on her voice mail (in his sexy, raspy voice) wishing that she could have been there with us. What a sweetie.

As the photo shoot was about to start RPattz and Sam came to join his friend. BLong asked us to keep them company. Easy-peezy. We chatted it up for a long time with Sam, but left RPattz in the dust (haha, I know I know, quit throwing your stones).

……and that’s pretty much it. haha.

I found it hilarious that Mandy and her “crew” shoved us…foreshadowing? LOL. And I’ve never ever even seen or met PUNKD, so I don’t know what he looks like. My mind is hilarious when it makes up faces for people I’ve never met.

Hope you enjoyed that. If my Twilight dreams are interesting enough, I’ll try to make this a regular thing on my blog. =P


2 responses to “You know you’re too obsessed…

  • MaliciousMandy


    Well PunkD isn’t a bald asian dude, it’s like you took 2 of the papz and blended them together into one tee hee

    and i don’t have much of an entourage (especially lately) and although I have been known to throw down – I promise I wouldn’t shove you from your primo spot 😉

    too funny – love it!!!

  • canucklehead07

    haha I’m glad you loved it.

    Come Monday, the we shall occupy the primo spots… and we’ll save a spot for the non-bald-asian PunkD too (whatever his name is). hahaha.

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