Humans Invade Vancouver…

…the “human” cast from the Twilight Saga: Eclipse, that is.

Anna Kendrick, Christian Serratos, Michael Welch, and Justin Chon – the non-Vampires in Eclipse – arrived in Vancity on Tuesday.

Justin Chon as Eric in the Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Today, I had a very good gut feeling I would be seeing someone from the cast, but was too lazy to go hunting. But when my mom wanted to go shoe shopping at downtown by herself, I jumped at the opportunity and suggested that I come with her because (a) Why would I pass up on shoe shopping? and (b) It’d be a good reason to walk by Twi-sighting hotspots.

Here’s how the day went down:

(times are approximate)

  • 3:45pm – My mom and I get to downtown and peruse around… we head to Vancouver’s worst kept secret — the hotel. For once, I did not see any autograph hounds or any visible paps (although, there may have been one probable LA pap). But, I see a sea of twelve year olds. There were probably 20 at most around the vicinity. Most were in groups of 2-4 twihards — a few had brought their parents (yeah, I saw a couple of dads – but they stood far, far away.) I felt disgusting myself… being twice the age of these children. Oh well. We find a bench and sit far and away from the twihards.
  • 3:55pm – I hear a loud whistle followed by an “OH MY GAWD, IT’S TWILIGHT!!” I get up from my seat quickly without being obvious to others that I heard these words. We stand in the middle of the sidewalk glaring at what yelled those words out. It was none other than OLBM (Old Lady Big Mouth, aka crazy Christine). Yes, you heard me… she screamed midday in the middle of the city. (I wonder if you’d consider this “Disturbing the peace”… can’t people get arrested for this? Seriously… I’m asking…for future references.) Next thing I knew, OLBM sprints by me with a really old man running at her side both with cameras in tow. You’re probably asking me what she was running to… Well, she was running towards NOTHING. Nothing! Running down a sidewalk panting? Um… OK lady. After this bizzare sighting, we go stand at the busstop debating whether we should leave or not. My gut was telling me to stay for another ten minutes.
  • 4:05pm-4:15pm – My mom notices the Twihards leave their posts. They speedwalk hurredly towards the entrance of the hotel as they turn on their cameras. I gaze in the direction they’re running towards but I don’t recognize any vampires. Disappointed, I paused mid-walk. About to turn around a girl screams “Oh, JUSTIN!” Justin? Justin Chon??? I beckon my mom with a flick of my wrist. Who else will take my photos right? It was the four ‘humans’: Anna Kendrick (Jessica), Christian Serratos (Angela), Michael Welch (Michael Newton), and Justin Chon (Eric). They all looked very different, yet just as good – if not better – in person. Every Twihard went up to the cast one-by-one and got their chance at a photo. They were all very nice. Micheal and Justin were vocally very appreciative. Anna was acting cutesy as usual. Christian was a little bit silent, not saying too much — scared of us maybe? I stepped in quickly before it was too late and got my picture. My mom took my photo… she took forever though. She pretended that she didn’t know how to zoom-in, but really she was just stalling just so she could take more photos. LOL. Too smart. I thanked them and Michael said “Hey, no prob.” I stuck around for half-a-minute more to take a few more photos of just the cast and then left. The rest of the Twihards were still there squealing, viewing their photos, making phone calls, text messaging and probably Twittering.
  • 4:15pm – We head towards Pacific Centre to begin our shoe shopping expedition.




My #1 goal now is to get a photo WITH Peter Facinelli. TayloredMyPants and I saw him in early August, but decided not to disturb him as it was the first day the cast arrived in Vancity for Eclipse and we wanted him to be at piece-of-mind before the madness began. We’re too nice, I know. Anyway, let’s make this happen!!!


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