Kings of Leon rock out Vancouver!

Almost everyone I knew was gonna party with the the Kings on Saturday night but me. I hate getting double booked. Luckily; however, KoL took to GM Place for two sold-out nights. My friend “Apu” & I jumped at the chance back in June to get tickets for the Sunday show; albeit were left with really crappy seats. Doesn’t matter — we were happy just to be in the same building as the family of four Followills.

I decided to do some research on the opening act – The Whigs – before going to the show. I checked out some vids on YouTube and I wasn’t too impressed with them. Not that they’re horrible, but they’re just not my cup o’ tea. We arrived at GM Place fashionably late and waited in the concourse checking out the merch tables until the Whigs ended their set. It was the first time that I missed the opening act for a concert. And we weren’t the only ones. (But in all seriousness, go check out The Whigs… maybe you might like them.)

Soon after The Whigs left the stage, most of the crowd found their seats. It was a full house. I didn’t see an empty seat, nor did I see any breathing room on the floor (general admission). It was amazing to see the type of people that came to rock with KoL. My friend who went on Saturday told me that nearly everyone there fit the rock-n-roll bad-to-the-bone stereotype. I noticed differently, though, with the Sunday crowd — there was the classic cookie-cutter rocker fans, but also the young and old, preps and punks, and even families (with the standard 2.5 children)… Yes! No need to be a poser here. This day, The Kings appealed to all!

After almost a half-an-hour of waiting, the three brothers and cousin from Tennessee filed onto stage one-by-one with Caleb – the front man – appearing last. At that moment, GM Place shook and vibrated caused by a sex-filled i-wanna-have-your-babies roar lead by thousands of women (and some men too). I think Apu stopped breathing for a while.

The show was perfect in every single way. The stage presence KoL had warranted for a very intimate feel; yet, at the same time there’s still that feeling of knocking sweaty elbows with thousands of your closest friends. They’re not about running around and jumping up and down the stage; but more on putting their heart and soul into every vocal and instrumentation.

The stage setup was different than most concerts I’ve attended. The band was bathed in a solid-coloured light – depending on the song they would be under red, green, blue, etc… lights. Four small video screens bordered the top of the lighting rigs. Playing on the video screen were shots between the band and colourful graphics that interchanged at the speed of light that anyone watching could have had a seizure.

But with a perfectly planned 100 minute set-list mixing between throaty hard ballads and power-fueled hooks, the crowd was extremely enthralled. Drums + bass + guitar + sexy voice = perfect.

Caleb Followill - Kings of Leon

Caleb Followill - Kings of Leon

My most i-wanna-take-off-all-my-clothes-and-throw-it-on-the-stage moment was during near the middle of the set when the boys played six of my favourite songs in a row, including: Charmer and The Bucket.

I had to restrain myself from jumping over the railing in front of me.

Caleb Followill - Kings of Leon

Caleb Followill - Kings of Leon

Between songs, Caleb showed his appreciation — thanking us and God every chance he got. Son of a preacher man. At one point, Caleb thanked our beautiful country of ours. He said between all the boozing and partying, they went fishing up in the back country and Matthew (lead guitarist) caught a 25-pound salmon! Yeah, I was pretty imprese

A little more than halfway through the set, The Kings blew up GM Place with their hit Sex on Fire. I have never seen GM Place electrify with just the first strummed note on a guitar. Everyone must have been antsy throughout the whole night. There was not one person not singing along. I still get goosebumps thinking about it.

Apu is under red lights aroused by "Sex on Fire".

With the hot crowd still wet, near the end of the set, KoL threw back with Use Somebody. It was nuts. Caleb stood back and away from the mic – all of GM Place sang in unison. Intense.

Caleb, playing to the crowd teased that Saturday’s show got more love from the ladies than tonight. All the ladies screamed in protest trying to win his heart back. He then observed that tonight (Sunday), the men are showing more love than the ladies. The men cheered (and so did most ladies disguising in male hoots and hollering).

To sugar-coat it further, Caleb said tonight’s crowd was better than last night’s (Saturday). What a suck up… but we all loved it (and believed him too).

Caleb Followill - Kings of Leon

The boys played two more songs and left the stage with the crowd absolutely under their spell. Men, women, boys, and girls screamed to the top of their lungs wanting more. The standing ovation lasted several minutes. This was probably the longest standing O I’ve experienced.

KoL came back and played another six songs for their encore.

Caleb Followill - Kings of Leon

Caleb Followill - Kings of Leon

Caleb thanked the crowd several more times. He said he was thankful that he could do this everyday — because of us. He then wished that one day concerts will be free and we will enjoy music with him every day.


[Stay tuned for video footage of KoL from Sunday night.]


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