Sad Woman Blues

Today was the day I was supposed post my epic blog on last night’s Bobby Long concert at the Backstage Lounge in Vancouver. But because of a major fail on custom Canada’s part at the border, BLong was denied entry according to his MySpace and Twitter.

BLongs tweet

TayloredMyPants (formerly known as Michelle+1) and I were supposed to be grooving along to BLong’s sexy raspy voice. Instead, we drowned our sorrows in greasy – yet, oh so yummy – McDonald’s, a bag of M&Ms, and popcorn. We shake our fists at you Canada customs!

“It feels like I just got dumped/stood up by a really really hot guy with a British accent who can sing with his sexy raspy voice.”

– TayloredMyPants

Thankfully, though, according to a phone call between @RobPattzNews and BLong’s manager, Phil, he stated that the show will be rescheduled likely for November and tickets from Tuesday’s show will still be honoured.

I guess we’ll just have to wait until November. In the meantime here are some Sad Woman Blues by Bobby Long.


The rescheduled Bobby Long show will be held on Monday, September 7th @ 8pm at the Backstage Lounge located in Granville Island. Tickets from the original show will still be honoured and some tickets are still available for purchase (as of August 23rd). If you are not able to come to the rescheduled event, and have your original tickets, you may return them to the Backstage Lounge for a full refund as soon as possible before the day of the event.


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