Regis Philbin + Tamara Taggart = I’m Jealous

Regis Philbin

CTV Vancouver's Tamara Taggart

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I love my mornings with “Live! with Regis & Kelly”. You also know that I get star-struck whenever I see news/weather personalities up close (so many incidences, so many stories… but that’s for another time). There’s a saying around here that’s fitting: You know you live in Vancouver when the weatherman is a celebrity.

Anyhoo, CTV Vancouver’s weathercaster, Tamara Taggart, won the gig to fill in for Kelly Ripa this August when she goes on holiday. Not only that, but last Wednesday, Michelle+1’s favourite CNN man, Anderson Cooper, announced her win when he guest-hosted on “Live!” for the day. Whooo! As silly as it sounds, I feel like a part of me will be sitting in the chair next to Regis. Go Tamara!

You can watch Tamara live with Regis on Friday, August 21st locally on CTV (ch. 9) at 9:00am (see local listings for the time and channel in your area).

Watch Tamara’s audition clip here.

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