Eminem Sends Warning to Mariah Carey

It’s old news that Mariah Carey denies her relationship with rapper Eminem. Eminem on the other hand, clearly has been obsessing over the last few years that they were f’ing each other (listen to: Mariah Carey’s “Obsessed”). Who cares? I don’t want to know, nor do I care what you guys do in the bedroom. On July 31st, Eminem released a new track as a diss to Mariah Carey. The lyrics reveals their intimate relationship before Mariah married Nick Cannon.

Watch Mariah Carey’s “Obssesed” (remix) music vid here (directs you to YouTube):

Eminem’s diss to Mariah Carey “The Warning” w/ lyrics:

Wow. Em, subtle much? Please…. end this feud now. I think you win Eminem.

(Photo sources: mariahdaily.com & shadygallery.com)

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