Hi folks! I see you’ve stumbled upon my blog. Good for you! Why don’t you go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back…. or not.

This is my first-ever blog, but I’m no noob in the internet world. I used to keep a Xanga account six years ago – that died. Of course I never really had anything to say then. So, I’ll try to keep this somewhat entertaining.
You may be asking me “why now?” Trust me, I’m still asking myself that same question. One day, not too long ago, I figured I might just give it a go. Who knows, what I have to say might be more interesting than half the crap that’s out there. Also, sometimes I have a tendency to speak my mind using a little more than 140 characters.

Expect to see things and ideas I like to share with my family and friends: Twilight, the Vancouver Canucks, tons of photos, movies & music, and a whole lotta randomosity. If they’re good enough for them, they’re good enough for you. Because let’s face it — anyone who says they’re doing a blog for themselves and themselves alone is a liar. There is always an audience in mind. Whether it’d be an audience of one, your lover, your stalker, a myriad of close friends, your dog, your students, or the person(s) you’re trying to impress; there is always an audience. I’m not expecting to have a ton of readers, but this blog is for you.

With that in mind, I hope you do enjoy my blog. I will try to update this at least once a week.
Oh and one more thing, if you’re going to “steal” my pictures or quote me, please give credit where credit is due. Otherwise, I will be an unhappy camper and the internet gods will destroy you. Thanks.

P.S. In the future, if you’re offended by my grammar and/or sentence structuring, ignore and deal with it. I’m not an English major! 😛 This blog is meant to be casual.


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