A TwiHard Meets PotterHeads.

Could it be possible? Could a Twilight fan step into a movie theater filled with PotterHeads (aka Harry Potter fans)? Yes. It is possible. And I am one of them.

I’ve never been much of a Harry Potter fan as I’ve never read any of the books (shame on me). But I’ve reluctantly seen the other 5 movies in the series (the first one in theaters and the other 4 on dvd). I wasn’t too keen on seeing the 6th installment — Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. But hey, I got buy one get one free tickets, so why not use them on something you don’t want to pay full price for?

Last night, my friend and I arrived at our not-so-big local movie joint 1.5 hours before showtime as we figured there would be a crazy line-up full of people. Lo-and-behold there were already at least 50 people in line. We grabbed our tickets and killed some time at the mall’s food court. We then decided to check out the line-up when we got bored. A good thing at that as the line stretched as far as my eyes could see with still an hour to go until showtime. I started freaking out thinking we’ll be left with the front row seats — my neck started feeling pains at the thought. Damn – why is my BOGO tix only good for this small theater?

As we gazed down the line up, we felt old. We’re only 20-somethings, but man, I felt ancient standing amongst co-ed tweens and teens alike. I related more to the “parents” in the line up.
Listening in to these kids’ conversations was a nightmare…. Harry Potter this, Harry Potter that. Every single fact was thrown into convos almost like an HP Jeopardy challenge. Are we Twilighters just as bad? Fortunately, it’s summer and people weren’t dressed HP-like and wearing their HP red/gold scarves. Yay for heat.

Anyway, it was finally 6pm and they allowed us to enter the cinema. I heard stampeding behind us, so my friend and I bolted into the theater so we wouldn’t be run over by 12 year olds. Luckily enough, running got us some pretty decent seats. There was nothing left to do but sit back, eat our junk food that we snuck in, and watch…..


Another year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, another year of danger. Endangered by the return of Lord Voldemort, the Death Eaters are terrorizing both the Muggle and the wizard world. With Hogwarts at vulnerable state, Professor Dumbledore (Michael Gambon) summons Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) to help prepare him for battle. And once again, Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton) assumes the roll of making Potter’s battle a lot harder.
In order to fight the evils of Voldemort, Potter is introduced to a new potions teacher, Horace Slughorn (Jim Broadbent). He soon befriends Slughorn in order to gain information and past memories on Voldemort.
Battle ensues throughout the movie. Producers and director, David Yates, promised more bang for your buck with HP6. They weren’t lying. The graphics were amazing and probably had better action scenes in this one than previous HP movies.
Not only did this movie deliver action, but what I did not know what will be included in this movie was comedy. This is by far the funniest HP movie I’ve seen to date. Who knew? It also helped that the kids giggled at every near romantic scene. Yes, I said romantic scene. I did not expect this either — romance. The HP cast is not kids anymore. Sexual tension brewed up between Potter with Ginny Weasley (Bonnie Wright), and Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint) with Hermione Granger (Emma Watson) and Lavender Brown (Jessie Cave). But don’t get weirded out, there are no sex scenes. It’s cute and funny the way it all pans out — even I laughed.
Despite the humour, romance, and action, I teared up near the end of the movie. It’s no secret that a “major” character dies in this movie (I won’t say who if you haven’t read the books). Yates handled the scenes perfectly and Radcliffe proved his “acting” side.

So…. Do I – a TwiHard – recommend this film? You bet your gonch I do. HP6 proved it with their action-packed scenes, romance, and humour. What’s more is that Yates managed to leave the audience enthralled throughout the movie without any gaps or lagging storylines.

No, I will never be a PotterHead, but it was worth a shot. (Oh and it’s worth paying full price for it too!)


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